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What happened to women’s lumbar disc herniation

If the lumbar disc herniation of female patients is severe, it will cause numbness and radioactive pain in the lower limbs.If the disclosure of the interior disk causes spinal stenosis, it will also cause the lower limbs to lag, which will affect normal life and work.Patients have a lumbar disc herniation, which is related to factors such as sedentary and bending and strain.Patients can improve the waist CT and nuclear magnetic resonance examinations to clarify the condition.After clarifying the condition, patients should treat intervention as soon as possible to prevent the disease from worsening.Patients can consider symptoms such as oral non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs, drugs that improve microcirculation, and nutritional nerves. They can also improve the efficacy through physical factors such as acupuncture, massage, traction, etc.Treatment.

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