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What happened when the child’s body temperature was touched normally

The child feels very hot, but the body temperature measurement is normal, which may be caused by the high environmental temperature or the child’s thick clothing.

The child’s body temperature is based on the thermometer, not the temperature of the hand.Therefore, when judging whether the child has a fever, the results of the temperature meter should be measured, including mercury thermometer and electronic thermometer.Generally speaking, the choice of mercury thermometer is mainly based on the temperature of the armpit, and the axillary temperature exceeds 37.3 ° C.If the child’s body temperature is measured between 37-37.3 ° C, it indicates that the child is in a sub-health state, that is, the temperature is indeed higher than the normal temperature.After the child is properly dissipated, the temperature can be measured again.In short, the child’s body temperature is normal and feels very hot.At this time, more accurate physical methods should be selected to measure body temperature to determine whether there is fever.

The body temperature is normal, but it feels like a fever.The body temperature needs to be monitored and combined with the child’s symptoms.In the early stages of a cold, patients were prone to skin fever.This is because the human body’s immune response is caused by bacterial and virus infections.Children may also have symptoms such as weak limbs, muscle soreness, loss of appetite, and mental depression.However, when the body temperature is measured, it is found that the body temperature is completely normal.Therefore, after this happens, pay attention to rest, drink plenty of water, go to the hospital for examination, and take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

If the child has a fever, the parents can observe and measure the body temperature first to determine whether the body temperature is gradually rising or decreased.Children can also help children cool down by drinking warm water, loosening clothes, changing diapers, bathing and opening windows to ventilate.If the child’s mental state is still good, you can observe at home first.In addition, it is not recommended to use alcohol baths to avoid alcoholism.If the child’s body temperature continues to rise, the child needs to seek medical treatment in time.If the child’s body temperature is only 38 ° C, but the mental state is very poor, and there is no effort to drink water, eat or cry, you need to use the heat -solving medicine to help improve the child’s physical comfort.

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