What is acupuncture beauty health care?

Acupuncture beauty is to use acupuncture and moxibustion methods to nourish the internal organs, reduce swelling, and regulate qi and blood, thereby reducing or eliminating certain physiological or pathological diseases that affect the appearance, and then achieve strong body fitness, delay aging, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty The purpose of beauty.

Acupuncture and beauty can be divided into two categories: acupuncture and moxibustion.

Acupuncture is commonly used, ear needles, and plum blossom needles, while moxibustion is divided into direct moxibustion and indirect moxibustion. Direct moxibustion is moxibustion at a certain distance (about 1-3cm) from the skin, and indirect moxibustion is used. Law.

Acupuncture and beauty principles

(1) The biggest feature of acupoints and acupuncture points is that the biggest feature of acupuncture is the whole body adjustment. Therefore, it must be combined with acupoints with the whole body, which has a good effect. Local acupoints can improve the cycle by active, promote the metabolism of epidermal cells to eliminate spots and spots, and enhance muscle elasticity. The whole body acupoints focus on balanced the viscera and regulate the functions of each system to achieve beauty. Single acupoints and group points: Clinically confirmed that single acupoints can be selected, and several acupoints can be used in a group. If a person is enhanced, a single point can be used to highlight its utility; Acupoints to enhance the effect. Near acupoints and far acupoints: near the acupoint, that is, to enter acupoints, refers to the use of local acupoints with local beauty to improve the skin. The remote acupuncture point refers to the choice of acupuncture points away from the facial area, which can not only prevent local diseases, but also prevent the tissue organs and internal organs that can be controlled by the distance involved in the cycle of this sutra. Essence

(2) Use needles to receive beauty and health care. Applying needles should be slow. The intensity of stimulation should be moderate and should not be excessive. Generally speaking, the needle should not be too long, and the needle can be produced after getting angry. The depth of the needle should be appropriate due to person. For those who are old and old, the needle should not be too deep;

(3) Taboo taboos encountering hunger, fullness, drunk, anger, great shock, overwork, etc. should not be acupuncture, and pregnant women should not be acupuncture. The main acupoints of wrinkles and wrinkles: silk bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, sun, giant, galleries, cheek cars, and wind wind. Acupoints: Zhongli, Hegu, Quchi, Zusanli. Needle method: 3 in the main point, 1-2 each time with acupoints. Note: The compatibility of the acupuncture points of this group is a combination of near -end acupoints and remote acupoints. That is, from a local perspective, take the acupoints near the wrinkles, and the overall conditioning of the viscera and qi acupoints. Select Yangming Jing acupoints. The two cooperate and complement each other.


(Editor in charge: Lai Huili Internship Editor: Lingling Ping)

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