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What is caused by cough and sputum

Cough and sputum may be caused by upper respiratory tract infection and lower respiratory tract infection.

When patients have cough and sputum, blood and chest CT can be performed to help patients clarify whether there is a infection.For patients with more sputum, sputum can be given to cultivate sputum and paint, and sputum shedding cell examination should exclude tuberculosis or bronchial and pulmonary tumors.For patients with cough and sputum, if they are caused by infection, they need to actively give patients to anti -infection and use cough and phlegm drugs to improve the symptoms of patients.For tuberculosis patients need to be treated with anti -tuberculosis.Patients with lung cancer need surgery or mortar chemotherapy.

The upper respiratory tract infection is a general term for acute inflammation of the nasal, pharynx, or throat, including acute nasopharyngeal, viral pharyngitis, laryngitis, herpes angina pectoris, and bacterial pharyngitis.The narrow upper respiratory tract infection, also known as normal cold, is a common acute respiratory infectious disease, with high incidence and mostly self -limiting.The incidence of upper respiratory tract infections has nothing to do with age, gender, occupation and region, and people and children with low immune function are susceptible.Most people suffer from this disease every year. The same person may suffer from this disease many times a year, usually in seasonal alternation, winter and spring.

The course of upper respiratory tract infection is generally short, but daily life management helps the recovery of the disease. This also needs to be noted.Develop healthy living habits, balanced diets on working days, sufficient sleep, moderate exercise, and avoiding passive smoking can reduce the possibility of re -incidence of upper respiratory tract infections.Patients with upper respiratory tract infections may spread, so pay attention to relative isolation.Elderly and vulnerable groups should pay attention to protection. When going out during the peak season, we should wear masks to avoid appearing in crowded public places.

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