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What is diabetic foot?Why do everyone say it is terrible?

When it comes to diabetes, it is estimated that everyone will not be too unfamiliar. The people around them are casual, and they can always get a diabetic patient. According to the latest report, about 425 million adult diabetes patients worldwide in 2017 are expected to reach 629 million diabetic patients by 2045.

This number is amazing. Diabetic patients around you are definitely more than you think. Diabetes patients are very affected by disease. Not only do you need to pay more attention to your diet, but also use drugs for treatment. If you do not regulate treatment in time, diabetes will also cause various complications.

Diabetes is one of them. Many people do not know what diabetes is, and diabetic patients are even more sad to mention diabetic feet. Diabetic feet are not as sweet as candy, and it is purely troublesome.

What is a diabetic foot?

Diabetic foot refers to the destruction of lower limb infections, ulcer formation, and deep tissue due to neuropathy and different degrees of peripheral vascular lesions.

Diabetes patients have been affected by high blood sugar for a long time, and blood vessels are more likely to form thrombosis, causing lower limb vascular occlusion and end limb nerve injury, and eventually lead to tissue lesions in the lower limbs.

What is more troublesome to diabetes is that the surrounding nerves of the feet will cause lesions, which may cause your foot to feel weak or not feel the pain.

Diabetic feet, pain and unknown

Diabetic feet are generally peripheral neuropathy, which can cause lower limbs to lose or disappear. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is that diabetic patients have poor blood glucose control, and blood glucose can damage small blood vessels with neurological function, causing peripheral nerves to work properly.

With diabetes foot, the feedback of the affected part of the pain and stimulation of the outside world will be slow, and it will even lose the pain in the later period. Some patients say that I can’t feel my feet, but it’s not a joke.

Diabetic feet are not just painful. Everyone is so afraid of it, there is another reason.

Diabetic feet can cause amputation

In addition to peripheral neuropathy, diabetic feet can cause further and deteriorated diabetic foot in diabetic foot. We see that some diabetic feet patients with ulcers occur at the foot of the foot. This is mainly because the disease causes poor blood circulation in the foot, short circuit in the dynamic vein, and caused some tissue to decline in oxygen supply, local ischemia, and some tissue necrosis.

Some patients with neuropathy and ulcers and ulcers gradually increased, and ulcers are difficult to heal, which can cause amputation of patients.

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It’s a pity that this is not sensational. According to data, the risk of amputation of lower limbs in diabetic foot is much higher than those of non -diabetic patients, and the probability of onset is 40 times higher. About 15%of patients with diabetes will have foot ulcers, and 85%of patients with foot ulcers will eventually amputation.

Diabetes has become one of the most chronic complications of diabetes. Diabetes must be treated well, control your blood sugar, and avoid diabetes.

If you have a diabetic foot, you must go to the hospital for treatment in time. Don’t wait until the foot ulceration is ulcerated before going to the hospital for treatment.

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