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What is face blindness?Take you into the world of patients with face blindness

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Memory face, identification face

It is a must -have skill in normal people’s life

Unless you don’t need to see people every day

But there are such a group of patients with face blindness

They can’t remember the face of strangers

If you are in the heart, you can’t even remember the face of your loved ones

(Don’t rush to go, send you the self -test method of facial blindness at the end of the text)

Face blindness

Scientific name is Development Facial Disordinate

Refers to the appearance of childhood

A lifetime face recognition defect

They will treat others’ faces

(Especially other than relatives and friends)

There is no recognition situation

(Can you see which star this is?)

Data statistics display

2.5%of the population in the world has face blindness

First of all

Face blindness and intellectual decline, emotional disorders, difficulty identification of objects

Nothing does not matter

In our brain

There is a area that is responsible for identifying the face

——Stidum return

(The red area is a shuttle -like back)

The width of both eyes

Height of the nose

Mouth size


Once the shuttle is damaged

Or dysplasia (generally congenital)

It may suffer from face blindness

Mild: Lost the ability to discern the face of others

Face -blind patients have no problem with the vision of face blindness

Can identify the characteristics of basic faces

Such as eye color, hairstyle, etc.

But as long as the two people’s faces are put together

I can’t tell whoever follows

Severe: I can’t see the face of others at all

This situation is relatively serious

Because no matter who is the opposite side

Even if people live together every day

(It may even include yourself)

British reporter dingfelder is

Such a severe face blind patient

She doesn’t even know her husband

The doctor inference from the results of her diagnosis and testing

She may be the most blind face in the world

(Picture source network)

1. Can’t distinguish the face of foreigners

These people are identifying the same person

Can easily recognize

But in identifying other people

Such as black and white

It will become very difficult

(Is it not easy to distinguish?)

Scientists believe that the alien effect is caused by the day after tomorrow

It can generally be eliminated by people of people of other races for a long time

Friends who stay or study abroad abroad

It should be experienced

Some people do look like

For example, unable to distinguish twins

Or see these extreme similar faces below

No matter how good the eyesight, it may be easy to see the flowers

2. Less number of meetings

It takes time to memorize the face to the face

Some people only take a look when they first see it

No impression on the brain

It’s normal to see “face blindness” for the second time

Back to face blindness

Alien effects can be eliminated after environmental changes

But can real face blindness be cured?

Let me tell you a sad news

Face blindness still belongs to medical problems

Scientists say that there is no cure method yet

Even through long -term acquired training

It is also difficult to improve their face recognition ability

For patients with facial blindness

Acknowledging the face is like in a bunch of orangutans

It’s so difficult to tell the orangutan you know

But don’t worry

As long as you master some tips

It is okay to recognize relatives and friends

Such as the following ↓↓

Finally, my uncle wants to tell you a cruel fact

80%claim to have face blindness and not recognize you

There is actually no face blindness

If someone knows you clearly

But I can’t recognize it

at last

Give you a set of test questions

See how the face blindness is:

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