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What is going on accelerating with cigarette heartbeat?

The heartbeat acceleration after smoking is related to the inhaled nicotine in the process of smoking.

Nicotine is also called tobaccinine clinically. It is a kind of alkaloid and an important part of tobacco.Long -term inhalation of nicotine can make people addiction or even dependence, so it is difficult to quit smoking for people with a history of smoking.Nicotine inhaled during the smoking process can cause the heartbeat speed to speed up, and at the same time may increase blood pressure, and it will also affect the appetite of normal people. Large doses of normal people will cause the human body to cause nausea and vomiting or even death.A certain amount of nicotine can strengthen the excitement of the central nervous system, so the heartbeat may be accelerated.Because long -term smoking can cause serious impact on the nervous system, digestive system, and mental systems, smoking needs to be prohibited in daily life.

Patients with accelerated heartbeat should keep the environment quiet. During the attack, they mainly rest in bed, relieve symptoms, and gradually increase the amount of activity.Avoid strenuous activities, emotional excitement or nervousness, rapid change of position, etc.If dizziness, darkness, etc., you should lie flat immediately to avoid falling damage.Monitor dizziness, syncope, palpitations, chest tightness, chest pain and other symptoms.Exercise appropriately to avoid strenuous exercise.Keep calm and avoid emotional tension.Patients may exaggerate their symptoms due to lack of understanding of the disease when they are accelerated by the heartbeat, and they think that they have very serious diseases. Therefore, they are very scared and have the psychology of fear and anxiety.Patients may feel upset and irritable because of their heart rate too fast.Family members should provide patients with a quiet and neat environment, so that patients can get good rest, care and comfort patients, and avoid stimulation.Patients should maintain calm emotions so that they can calm down and get enough rest.

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