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What is going on on the testicles?

What happened to the testicles? Many male friends have such doubts, but it is difficult to give it easily because the precise cause is divided into various cases, and the diseases corresponding to each situation are different. From the perspective of the general direction, the testicles are divided into two types: inside and outside. If they grow in the scrotum, there are soft bumps and hard bumps. If it grows outside the scrotum, the situation is more complicated. analyze.

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There are two types of tags on the testicles: benign and malignant. Because the naked eye is not available, it is impossible to conclude before it was checked. If you feel harder, you should consider chronic epididymitis, sequelae, epididymal tuberculosis, epididymal tumor, and sperm cable tumor.

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Generally speaking, in these cases, there will be mild pain when the testicular cricket touches. If the testicles are soft, you should consider several diseases of semen cysts, sperm cable hydroceles, and spermatic varicose veins. Small bumps under semen cysts and sperm cables have little pain, and the iconic veins are easy to distinguish. In most cases, pain is accompanied by pain, and the scrotum indicates that there is an earthworm -like veins.

Men’s testicular pimples should go to a regular hospital for a examination whether it belongs to pain or soft or hard, whether it is soft or hard, in order to clarify the cause of the cause of the cause, because the small bump at this time is a symptom of epididymal disease, and the epididymal disease disease The harm is serious. It directly threatens the sperm function of the testicles. With a slight delay, it will affect the fertility function.

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