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What is going on with something similar to acne on the penis?

Acne on the penis may be caused by folliculitis, sebaceous gland cysts, condyloma acuminatum, and penile cancer.

1. Folliculitis: It is usually inflammatory lesions caused by bacterial infections. Due to the irritation of inflammation, pimples may occur on the patient’s penis. 2. Symatic gland cysts: usually after the sebaceous gland conduct is blocked, the contents of the gland are accumulated, causing pimples on the penis. 3. Condyloma acuminatum: Infectious diseases caused by human papilloma virus infection. Under the stimulation of virus infections, the penis may grow acne. 4. Penile cancer: If the patient has penile cancer, there may also be acne on the penis. Penile cancer is the most common malignant tumor in male reproductive systems. Penile cancer mainly occurs in elderly men with an average age of 60. The older the patient, the higher the incidence, the highest incidence at the age of 70. This disease occasionally occurs in young men. Penile cancer often occurs in men who do not go in time after birth. Penile cancer is extremely rare among newborn or children’s routine psoriasis. The risk factors of penile cancer include bad hygiene habits, foreskin, phimosis and foreskin. In addition, many penile lesions may be related to penile cancer, such as penile white spots. Inflammation may play an important role in the occurrence and development of tumors, because many penile cancer originated from penile infection, chronic stimulation or trauma. Penile cancer can cause diseases such as urine or urinary fistula. Most penile cancer is low, and the prognosis is good after active treatment.

It is recommended that patients eat more eggs, dairy products, fresh vegetables, fruits and other high -protein, high -calorie, vitamin -rich foods in daily life. Family members can provide patients with fresh and delicious diet, and patients should pay attention to eating less. You can eat a fiber -containing diet, keep the stool smooth, drink plenty of water, increase urination, and rinse urine trail. In daily life, patients should pay attention to avoid eating spicy, irritating, and greasy foods, and try not to contact the tobacco and alcohol. These foods and substances easily lead to a decline in physical resistance, which will affect the patient’s condition.

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