What is going on with the scraping area?

What is going on with redness and black skin on the face and back skin after scraping? After scraping, I couldn’t recognize me when I went home! Many people say that it is a good thing to turn the scraping part, which is the result of the excretion of fire and poisonous gas. Of course, I am a curious king, and I must figure out the mechanism behind the scraping into black!


(What is going on with the scraping area?)

Don’t underestimate scraping: special therapies commonly used by ancient doctors

Ancient doctors believed that the mechanism of scraping method was mainly to open up, qi, blood, meridians, and dispersion poison, which was basically consistent with the functional functions of modern research to improve microcirculation, regulate immunity, and strengthen metabolism. Modern scraping therapy is a more extensive treatment method on the basis of ancient scraping. It is one of the clinical skills of traditional Chinese medicine. It has been included in the appropriate promotion technology of Chinese medicine with acupuncture, massage, and cupping. It has been widely used.

Study the concepts of “scraping” and “” and the evolution and development process of scraping therapy. There are both connections and obvious differences.

Don’t underestimate the scraping: the erythema reaction after the scraping is the severity of the disease

Zhang Fengxuan, a medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, believes that the poisonous evil from the fur and block the human veins and qi and blood. It is necessary to use the method of scraping and bleeding to treat it until the skin is scraped out of the red dots that are condensed into sand -like. Essence However, some modern western medicine theory believes that the red left on the skin after scraping is that the panel shakes a large amount of capillaries in the skin, causing mechanical subcutaneous hemorrhage, not “poison”. However, we feel that the mysteries of the old ancestors can only be thoughtful and cannot be explained by modern medicine.

The skin of “红 红” looks a little terrible. In fact, the depth of these erythema colors is usually a reflection of the severity of the disease. The heavier disease, “出” is much more, and the color is darker. If the condition is mild, the “痧” is less and the color is lighter. Chinese doctors pointed out that under normal circumstances, the “blood stasis” on the skin will gradually fade away within 3-5 days, and it will not return to normal after one week. This scraping method can promote blood circulation and stasis, and strengthen local blood circulation.

Don’t underestimate scraping: Although scraping is good, it is not applicable

Scraping therapy has a certain damage to the skin, so after a period of scraping, you have to wait for a period of time, usually about five to seven days, and then scrape the second time. Scraping therapy has the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, adjusting yin and yang, relieving tendons, and eliminating toxins. It is convenient to operate and has a significant effect.

The taboos of scraping therapy are important, and not everyone is suitable for scraping. Although scraping therapy is widely used in clinical practice, as any other therapy, it has certain limitations and taboos. Essence Scraping therapy has strict direction, time, technique, strength, and indication requirements. If the operation is irregular, it is prone to discomfort, and even the condition is worse.

Scraping is a special therapy for traditional Chinese medicine, but now the shops on the streets and alleys have scraping services. Curious Jun reminds you that you can open your eyes to identify the authenticity of scraping places. We must find regular Chinese hospital and professional doctors. The real “poisonous gas” is discharged.

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