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What is the best way to treat multiple osteoma?

The best treatment for multi -ingotoma depends on the condition. The treatment methods are different after multiple osteoma of osteoma. Multi -ingotoma should be intervened and treated in a timely manner. Under the guidance of a doctor in the early days, after the treatment and mediation of related drugs, they could control and reduce the condition and reduce the damage and impact on the body. After suffering from multiple myeloma, if the condition is severe, chemotherapy and bone marrow therapy should be adopted. It is necessary to take treatment measures in time. If not treated in time, the condition will worsen, and strictly speaking, it will endanger health.

The treatment of multi -myeloma is chemotherapy, molecular targeted therapy and autologous stem cell transplantation. Commonly used chemotherapy drugs include pine, dexamethasone and cyclideamide. Proteinase inhibitors, such as boradis, are commonly used for targeted drugs. Multiple osteoma is often accompanied by renal damage. For multi -bone marrow tumors with renal damage, boratezomi can be used all without reduction. In the boron era, the effective rate of multiple osteoma treatment was increased from 70%to 90%. In addition, conditional people should encourage autologous hematopoietic stem cells to delay recurrence and extend the survival period. In the era of constant emergence of new drugs, the conventional use of Saraidamine, Laibamide, and targeted drugs Darafini also brings new hope and opportunities to the treatment of multiple myeloma. At present, patients with multiple myeloma are not cured. With the development of new technologies and new drugs, the relief time will become longer, and the survival time of multiple myeloma will gradually extend.

Ensure that diet is clean, do not eat cold and overnight food, avoid digestive tract infection; keep oral and perianal cleaning, avoid exogenous infection; keep the surrounding environment clean, regularly ventilate and clean the interior; pay attention to bed rest after surgery, you need to lie down, you need to lie down On the hard board bed. When beding, family members should assist the position every 1-2 hours, maintain the function of the limbs, and use the air cushion and balloon appropriately.

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