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What is the blockage of the vasters?

What is going on with the blockage of vasters? The obstruction of the vasters is a common disease in clinical practice. It should be found early. The following reasons can cause infusion of the vas deferens and cause male infertility:

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1. Congenital abnormalities: Increased or not developing in congenital or not, and incompatible with epididymia, it is often accompanied by seminal vesicles infertility, resulting in a small amount of semen and no sperm.

2. Inflammatory narrowing: Various pathogenic bacteria cause inflammation of the vollar tubes, forming scars, and causing cavity. In severe cases, it causes no sperm.

3. Tumor: The tubular cavity from the tumor compression of the tumor or the adjacent organs is also one of the causes of non -sperm.

4. Trauma or surgical injury: such as hernia repair and other lumen obstruction.

What is going on with the blockage of the vasters? There is the following clinical manifestations:

1. Patients have a history of infertility, and may be weakened or incomplete, ejaculation pain or weakness.

2. There can be a history of reproductive system infection, surgery, and injury.

3. The physical examination touches the vasters or epididymis nodules, thickening, bead -sample change or lack of.

What is the problem of blocking the vasters? Men need to squeeze the epididymal head gently with the index finger and thumbs. Pay attention to whether there is an epididymal harden and stasis caused by the obstruction of the vasal pipe. If you find such a signs, go to the hospital for treatment, do vollarization tubes, and understand the smooth and unobstructed situation of vasters.

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