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What is the blood type of panda blood

Panda blood should refer to Rh negative blood type, because the amount is too small, relatively rare, so it is called panda blood.

Rh negative blood, commonly known as panda blood, indicates that human red blood cells do not have RHD antigens, and RHD antigens are represented by RH-. RH is the first two letters of the Ganges monkey’s foreign name. Human red blood cell blood type consists of more than 20 blood type systems. ABO and RH blood type are the two blood type systems with the most close relationship with human blood transfusion. The RH blood type system is divided into two types, one is Rh positive, the other is RH negative, and the RH negative person is very rare and RH-distribution varies from race, and the proportion of white people is higher. Blood type refers to the type of antigen on the surface of the blood component. Blood type usually refers to the specific antigen type on the red blood cell membrane, which is the most closely related to the clinical relationship. The well -known blood type is ABO blood type and RH blood type system. Blood types are generally divided into four types: A, B, AB and O. In addition, there are more than a dozen rare blood type systems, such as RH -negative blood type, MNSSU blood type, P blood type, and D lack of blood type. Among them, AB can accept blood type blood input, so it is called universal blood, and type O can be exported to any blood type human body, so it is called universal blood transfusion and power blood. In fact, the transportation between different blood types is very small and cannot be very large. If you want a lot of blood transfusion, it is best to be the same blood type.

Panda blood does not have special benefits and some difficulties, because RH -negative people accept RH -negative blood during clinical blood transfusion. If you enter RH positive blood, severe hemolysis reaction will occur. Therefore, patients with panda blood often encounter blood difficulty during clinical blood transfusion. In order to solve the difficulty of panda blood transfusion, the blood stations across the country have organized a panda blood station, that is, the blood station combines people and panda blood to register with each other.

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