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What is the cause of back pain on the right

The causes of low back pain are caused by lumbar muscle strain, acute lumbar sprain, and kidneyitis.

The causes of back pain on the right side include lumbar muscle strain, acute lumbar sprain, kidney inflammation, cysts, tumors, stones, and intercostal neuralgia, which may be caused by the right lumbar muscle strain.There will be symptoms of right back pain on the right back pain and lesions.The acute waist sprain on the right.The acute waist sprain on the right appears, which can also be manifested as the right back pain.When the kidney has inflammation, cysts, or tumors, and stones, it can also be manifested as the right waist pain. At this time, it is necessary to perform color Doppler ultrasound, urinary system, and urine routine testing or CT examination.Neural pain between the right side.The intercostal nerve pain on the right side can cause hidden pain, radioactive pain or acupuncture -like pain in the intercostal neuropathy area of the right waist.Patients with low back pain seriously affect life and work.You can take or apply some drugs to relieve and treat pain.Non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs can treat pain orally, such as aspirin and ibuprofen.It can inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandin to reduce pain, but these drugs have a great stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract.It can also be treated with surgical treatment. It is mainly used for patients with invalid therapy, such as lumbar tumors, tuberculosis, lumbar disc herniation and other nerve root or spinal cord compression.Copy back pain is closely related to inappropriate waist habits in daily life and work.Patients to correct their positions in daily activities and work, and reasonable use of lumbar spine are very important for preventing and treating low back pain.

About one -third of people spent about one -third of their lives spent in bed, so comfortable mattresses are especially important for spine.It is recommended to choose a hard board bed or a hard mattress. The hardness of the mattress should have no obvious collapse after the pelvic area.Bulber circumference can limit spine activity, improve the symptoms of acute back pain, and prevent the progressive aggravation of low back pain.Try to reduce the excessive bending of the lumbar spine, reduce the burden on the lumbar spine, avoid long -term work, and change the posture regularly, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of lumbar spine disease.For example, the correct posture of extracting the low weight is as close as possible, squat down, keep the waist straight, hold the weight tightly, lift the weight with your legs, stretch your hips and knees until your body stands upright, and keep it in the whole process.The upper body is straight.

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