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What is the cause of constipation of children?Or picky eaters to “cause trouble”!

Children’s constipation is a common child condition. The cause of constipation caused by children can be divided into two categories. One is functional constipation, and the other is constipation caused by congenital intestinal malformations. Most children’s constipation is functional. Constipation can be cured by conditioning.

Children’s constipation is more harmful to children’s body! “Children’s Diet and Brain” published by Japanese scholars once pointed out that long-term constipation of children aged 2-6 can cause children with bloating discomfort, sleeping, crying, dull response, inattention, not talking, indifferent expressions, etc. Symptoms affect brain development.

In this regard, parents must fully understand the harm of children’s constipation, attach importance to children’s constipation, and actively improve children’s constipation through reasonable measures!

What is the cause of constipation of children?

In order to improve children’s constipation, we should first understand the specific reasons that cause children’s constipation, and then take the right medicine. There are many reasons for children with constipation, such as:

The amount of children’s food is too small, resulting in insufficient abdominal muscle and bowel muscle tone, leading to refractory constipation;

The content of food protein is too high, which reduces the intestinal fermentation relatively, resulting in dry stool;

Pediatric life is irregular, and long -term urination leads to intestinal functional disorders, intestinal flora imbalances, and induces constipation;


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