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What is the chance of cervical polyps cancer?

The probability of cervical polyps is very small, and cervical polyps are a kind of chronic cervicitis.

Cervical polyps are limited hyperplasia of cervical glands and interstitial quality, highlighting the cervical outer mouth to form polyps.At present, the exact cause of the disease is not very clear, but it may be related to chronic cervicitis and infection.Generally speaking, patients do not have obvious symptoms, but some patients also have discomfort, such as menstrual abnormalities and abnormal vaginal bleeding.The shape of cervical polyps is similar to fingers, bulbs, or fine stems.The color can be red, purple or gray -white, ranging from a few millimeters to a few centimeters.Cervical polyps are polyps formed by the cervical gland and interstitial, limited hyperplasia, and protruding from the outer mouth of the cervix. The polyps are generally single or more.Some people will bleed after sex. After going to the hospital for examination in time, they found that cervical polyps occur.Once cervical polyps are found, cervical anti -cancer screening examination is required before surgery, that is, cervical nipple virus infection and cervical liquid cytology examination.In the absence of disease, cervical polyps are performed in time, and further pathological examination was further patient.Usually, avoid cooling and keep the vulva clean.Cervical polyps should be treated as soon as possible.At present, surgical resection is mainly used in clinical, and there is no special drug for polyps.In addition, because cervical polyps are closely related to chronic cervicitis, patients with chronic cervicitis are usually treated at the same time.

Patients should maintain a reasonable and healthy lifestyle, combine work and rest, and regularly work, ensure sufficient sleep and rest, and don’t be too tired.After the condition is stable, appropriate exercise is conducive to enhancement.Before the wound is fully recovered after surgery, pay attention to avoid sexual life, bath and vaginal flushing.Develop good personal hygiene habits to avoid putting underwear in washing machines with other clothes. Regularly replaced new underwear every two months can reduce bacteria and avoid infection.It is recommended that patients eat less pickled food, drink less hot water, avoid spicy and irritating foods, eat regularly, and develop good eating habits.Good daily diet management can promote the recovery of the disease to a certain extent.

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