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What is the cold hands and feet?May wish to improve by pressing the acupuncture points

Recently, the weather in Chongqing has become colder, and the temperature has plummeted. Many people have a cold hands and feet. Among them, women, the elderly and the weak are the main. Even if the quilt was covered very thick at night, it could not be relieved. Even after getting up the next day, my hands and feet were still cold. What is going on?

The reason for cold hands and feet

1. Insufficient qi and blood

Qi and blood are the power and source of human life. The role, if the spleen deficiency and yang stagnation, referring to the right to transport the spleen, the subtle valley cannot be lost in the heart, the lung change becomes blood, the spleen deficiency sources are insufficient, the blood is less natural meridian Therefore, the hands and feet are cold.

The main reason for the cold hands and feet is that the functional regulation of the autonomic nerve is not smooth, and the blood vessels are caused by thinning. In addition, toes, knees, shoulders, fingers, etc. are joint parts with more exercise, less fat, easy to disperse heat, less blood vessels, and easier to feel cold.

2. Insufficient clothes keep warm

The cold hands and feet indicate that there is a problem with the average deployment of the body temperature. If you have added more clothes and you are still cold in your hands and feet, you should pay attention, because many people ’s body surface warming nerve accepted“ cold points ”are too late and do n’t know cold.

3. Excessive pressure

The pressure caused by the sense of responsibility and the urgency of time may cause shaking hands and feet, cold fingers, but slowly recovering warmth.

4. Too low blood sugar or hypotension

Are you afraid of being fat and hungry? The source of the body, food is very important! Therefore, patients with excessive weight loss, too hungry, or diabetes are cold because of the low blood sugar. The occurrence of low blood pressure represents poor blood circulation, and it is often the cause of cold hands and feet.

Cold hands and feet may wish to rub Yangchi acupoint

Cold hands and feet may also be caused by qi deficiency, stagnation, and insufficient yang, that is, “yang deficiency” in Chinese medicine. Yangchi acupoint is an important acupuncture acupuncture point that governs the blood circulation of the whole body and the secretion of hormones. Pressing the blood can open the blood circulation and mild the body.


1. Yangchi Point is located on the wrist of our hand, and the position is just on the collection of the back of the back of the hand. Try up the back of the hand as much as possible, and a few wrinkles will appear on the wrist. Press the folds near the side of the back of the hand. A tender point will be found at the center. This point is the Yangchi acupoint.

2. Stimulate Yangchi acupoints, do it slowly, take a long time, and the strength should be slow. The middle finger of one hand is pressed the Yangchi acupoint with the other hand, and then replaced it with the middle finger of the other hand to press the Yangchi acupoint on the hand.

In addition to rubbing the Yangchi acupoint, you can also try these points:

Yongquan points: Yongquan points are located in the heart of the feet, rubbing quickly with the palm of the hand, until there is a sense of heat, rubbing 100 times every morning and evening, and then rubbing 100 times each toe.

Laogong acupoint: Laogong acupoint is located in the palm of the palm. Fist in one hand, rub the palms of the other hand until you feel the palms of your hands slightly hot, and then change the other hand and alternately.

Qi Chong acupoint: Qi Chong acupoint is located on the inside of the thigh, and there is an arteries under the acupoint. First press the gas punch, then press the arteries, one loosening and one press, alternately, it feels like pressing to knead until the legs and feet have a hot air.

Shenshu acupoint: Shenshu acupoint is located on both sides of the waist and eyes, gently, and beats more than 100 times on each side.

The best ingredients with cold hands and feet -Guiyuan

Guiyuan is a puzzle fruit that can nourish the mind and relieve forgetfulness and insomnia, and has a certain warm -up effect. It is especially suitable for people who are cold, easy to sleep at night. However, people with virtual fire and thermal constitution should be reminded, and it is best to eat less longan. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that red beans can replenish qi and blood, and with cinnamon to cook soup, it is better to warm up.

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