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What is the difference between a few dollars of vitamin C, which is different from hundreds of vitamin C?What should I eat?

Vitamin C is an indispensable substance for the human body. It also has a lot of effects. In normal life, we can often hear the saying of fingers peeling and vitamin C, whitening vitamin C.

The vitamin C on the market is also endless, the expensive movements are hundreds of yuan, and the cheap is a few dollars. The price gap is different. In fact, are their effects different?What is the role of vitamin C?Today, Sister NA will understand with everyone.

1. What is the difference between hundreds of dollars and vitamin C for a few dollars?

I believe that when everyone goes to the pharmacy to buy vitamin C, the clerk will always take out a bottle of packaging and high -priced Victoria C for recommendation.But I clearly remember that I used to eat a few dollars and a bottle of plastic bottled Vitamin C.Is the difference between these two?

Generally speaking, the expensive vitamin C in the pharmacy belongs to health products, while the cheap is a drug produced by pharmaceutical factories.Look at the composition and content in the two vitamin C instructions, and you will find that it is almost the same.

Some health products merchants will advertise their vitamin C extracted from natural ingredients. In fact, no matter which vitamin C chemical molecular formula is the same, that is, it is essentially the same thing.[1]

The reason for the two effects of the same effect, the reason for dozens of times the price difference is that the additional ingredients of health products vitamin C, and gorgeous publicity and packaging.

The composition of drug vitamin C is very monotonous, except for vitamin C is starch and other auxiliary materials.However, in order to make the taste and taste better, the maintenance of health products will add some substances such as folic acid and sweetener, and the difficulty of making will increase accordingly.

2. The role of vitamin C is mainly these 6

Vitamin C is one of the indispensable vitamins for the human body, which is very helpful for maintaining normal body operations.

Help the treatment of oral ulcers

In 2007, a study published in the “China Pharmaceutical Journal” pointed out that vitamin C was very effective for the treatment of oral ulcers.

Vitamin C is an acidic substance that can stimulate a large amount of saliva secretion after the mouth is located, and the solubility in saliva has strong sterilization and anti -inflammatory effects.[2] Therefore, it can accelerate the healing of oral ulcers and reduce the invasion of bacteria.

Prevent pigmentation

I believe that many people have heard of “drinking lemonade to supplement vitamin C can whiten”, and a whitening essence in Japan is also under the banner of Vitamin C whitening.

The above -mentioned research on Vitamin C also analyzes how the melanin that causes the skin of human skin is produced: melanin is derived from the oxidized Doba.Because vitamin C can inhibit polyba oxidation and prevent the formation of melanin.

Alleviating allergies

Vitamin C has the effect of antihistamines and slow -oligthons, and can directly act on bronchies, which is helpful for many allergic diseases.

Remove your hands and peel

As early as 1991, “Minimally Invasive Medicine” pointed out that doctors accidentally discovered that the dry peeling phenomenon of vitamin C solution opposite the opposite side was healing in medical work.When the autumn and winter hands are dried, the vitamin C solution can be poured into the palm of the hand, wiped evenly, and washed off after the liquid was dry.

Relieve a cold

An article published in “China Practical Medicine” mentioned in a paper on vitamin C auxiliary to treat virus -type colds that vitamin C can dissolve in water, which can stimulate interferon in patients in patients, reduce viruses and white blood cells in the patient, reduce virus and white blood cells.Combine to speed up the healing of colds.Therefore, when you have a cold, you will hear the doctor say that eating more fruits to add vitamin C.

Enhance human immunity

A study on the 2018 medical journal “Antioxidants” pointed out that vitamin C can promote the reproduction of T cells and NK cells and affect their functions.These two cells exist in human immune systems.

How to consume natural vitamin C?

There is a disease called vitamin C deficiency.If there is a lack of vitamin C for several months, it will cause scurvy.Early symptoms are anorexia, diarrhea, and general weakness. If you continue, hemorrhage symptoms will begin, and then local infections and necrosis will occur.

Vitamin C does not have to eat vitamin C tablets. It can be done through daily diet. The standard amount of vitamin C per day in Chinese adults is 100 mg per day.

Many vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, carrots, and so on.Many young people are usually busy with work, and eating fast food. The vegetables do not eat enough. After a long time, they lack vitamins.So usually the best fruits.

However, it is also necessary to pay attention not to take vitamin C excessively. Although the vitamin C itself is not toxic, the characteristics of the solubility in water will cause people to urinate and diarrhea in the short term, and they will also rash on the skin.Taking long -term excessive use may cause kidney stones.

Vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins for our bodies. It is good for vitamin C to improve the body’s immunity. It can also help treat various diseases.You can supplement it through daily vegetables and fruits, or you can buy vitamin C tablets in pharmacies, but be careful not to take it too much.

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