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What is the grades of liver cirrhosis

The main cause of liver cirrhosis is that hepatitis or hepatitis B disease has not been reasonably transformed by reasonable treatment. Hepatitis cirrhosis is a chronic liver disease with distinctive fibrosis in liver tissue and liver regeneration nodules. It is more detailed in the clinical diarrhea of ​​liver hardening, and can be classified in various forms. The following content can be explained in detail.

Medically, there are standards for the classification of liver cirrhosis. According to: general conditions, ascites, concentration of serum concentration, original time of coagulant, and serum bilirubin, the status level is different. After the addition of the division, the total number of liver reserves is divided into three levels, that is, A -level, B, and C -level. These three grades indicate the degree of damage to the patient’s liver. The worse the reserve function.

Hepatitis A -level is also a compensation period. At this time, hepatitis symptoms are manifested, and there is mild fatigue. He often checks that hepatoplastics have mild swelling, mild jaundice, and spider moles. When doing some related examinations, you will find the problem of obstacles of the door vein hypertension.

Liver cirrhosis B and C -Class, which is a loss -compensation period, at this time, liver function damage and door vein hypertension syndrome. Patients’ general symptoms include: fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, dull complexion, and swelling of the lower limbs. The digestive tract is also accompanied by symptoms: bloating, gastrointestinal dysfunction, absorbing adverse syndrome, urine, and eclipse. There will also be: bleeding tendencies and anemia, endocrine disorders, hypoproteinemia, and high pressure of the door …

According to the Child-PUGH hierarchical standards, doctors can understand the patient’s cirrhosis grading attributes, which is also the degree of disease of patients’ self-test hepatitis. When the test sheet reads A, B, and C-level Related psychological preparation. Doctors also adopt targeted treatment solutions based on this cirrhosis grading standard. Generally speaking, liver cirrhosis is more serious, and its harm is relatively large. If hepatitis or other liver disease occurs, it is better to cause attention to the treatment of the disease early.


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