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What is the harm of bronchitis for a long time?

What are the hazards of bronchitis? Many patients with bronchitis are not very worried. They think that bronchitis is not harmful, so they do not pay attention to treatment, and usually do not pay attention to the prevention and maintenance of bronchitis. In fact, this is very dangerous. What is the harm of bronchitis for a long time?

Harm of bronchitis

I. Bronchitis will reduce lung function: Once bronchitis starts, the gland in bronchial gonads will produce more mucus than usual. When the body wants to remove these mucus from the lungs, it will cause coughing Lung function. At the same time, the course of bronchitis accelerated.

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Second, bronchitis affects the quality of life of patients: The long -term cough of bronchitis causes the body for a long time in a state of hypoxia, which affects the patient’s diet and sleep, leading to the decline in the quality of life and survival of patients.

Third, the delay of bronchitis is difficult to get along with life: bronchitis is mainly manifested as repeated and long -term cough and sputum. In winter and spring seasons, there is a serious and acute infection. It is difficult or even with life.

Fourth, bronchitis can develop into pulmonary heart disease: the sustainable development of bronchitis has become the root cause of multiple diseases. As far as respiratory diseases are concerned, it can develop into chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and emphysema. Lung heart disease.

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