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What is the high number of lymphocytes?

The most common cause of lymphocytes is virus infection.

In addition to the increased percentage of lymphocytes, white blood cell counts will also decrease, and neutral granulocyte percentage will also decrease. Heating, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, cough and other symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections. After antiviral treatment, the number of lymphocytes is usually returned to normal after the virus infection is cured. In addition, the disease of a large amount of lymphocytes also includes leukemia, especially chronic lymphocyte leukemia. Generally speaking, the number of lymphocytes increases significantly, and white blood cell count will increase. If this is the case, bone marrow puncture and other examinations need to be performed for further diagnosis.

Lymphocyte counting is very common in clinical practice, the most common cause is virus infection. The emergence of high lymphocytes may also be lymphocyte proliferative diseases, such as monoclonal B lymphocytes and chronic lymphocyte leukemia. Due to the increase in monoclonal B lymphocytes, the increase in lymphocytes, different causes and treatment. For example, antiviral treatment is needed due to virus infections. In most cases, there are no more effective treatment methods, so only symptomatic treatment can be performed. Through the comprehensive immune recovery of the virus and the removal of the virus, lymphocytes are naturally restored to normal. For lymphocyte leukemia, in most cases, no intervention is required in the early stage of the disease, only observation can be performed, and intervention can only be performed when there are indications in the advanced stage. The reasons for elevated lymphocytes are complicated, and most of them need to be comprehensively judged in conjunction with the results of medical history, symptoms, signs, laboratory examinations and examinations.

The number of lymphocytes is high, which may be caused by blood diseases such as virus infection or lymphocyte leukemia. In this case, patients can further check bone marrow examination and EB virus examination. Generally speaking, virus infections can be treated with antiviral therapy such as Libavirin and Banlangen. Pay attention to rest, avoid fatigue, and avoid spicy food in diet.

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