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What is the impact of uterine resection on the body?Unfortunately, 4 changes may not afford to bear

Xia Jinju, the mother of Xia Jinju in the documentary “Shengmen” recently played by Oriental TV, has attracted many people’s attention to the topic of women’s uterine resection. Xia Jinju’s second child placenta just grows on the incision of caesarean section surgery. Although she had a child after surgery, she had severe bleeding after birth. The doctor suggested to remove the uterus to ensure stable blood pressure and keep her life.

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After some persuasion, Xia Jinju’s father agreed to perform surgery. Xia Jinju’s uterine removal went through two heartbeat stops, and finally returned from the ghost door with the full rescue of the doctor.


1. Why do some people need to “remove the uterus”?

The uterus has the functions of breeding fetuses and forming menstruation, which is very important for women, but when women suffer from uterine fibroids, postmenopausal vaginal bleeding, endometrial disease, uterine prolapse, pelvic endometriosis, etc. Or it needs to be removed when you cannot retain the fertility function of malignant gynecological tumors.

There are three types of uterine resection: uterine sub -resection, whole uterine resection, and extensive uterine resection. The uterine secondary cutting refers to the retaining cervix and removed the uterine body. The most common uterine resection surgery is to remove both uterus and cervix. Wide uterine resection is commonly treated with endometrial cancer and early cervical cancer. The uterus, cervix, surrounding uterus tissue and part of vaginal removal need to be removed. If necessary, the ovaries and fallopian tubes must be removed.


2. Women who have lost the uterus, or have these changes

Although removing uterus can prevent serious diseases, it will also bring some negative impacts to women.

1. Tolerance of huge psychological pressure

After many female patients lose their uterus, they will feel that they are no longer complete, or when they hear some rumors, they need to bear huge psychological pressure. Therefore, it is important to learn self -guidance and timely understanding and comfort.

2. Unable to give birth

The uterus is an important organ for women’s breeding of life. Once removed, it is equivalent to losing fertility function. However, if you have malignant diseases such as ovarian cancer and uterine cancer, you have to remove it. After all, living is more important than anything.

3. Decreased sexual desire

After removal of the uterus, the estrogen secreted by the ovaries is reduced, affecting normal sexual desire. Lack of estrogen can also cause vaginal atrophy, reducing vaginal secretions, and pain in the process of sex, thereby aggravating feminine coldness.

4. Menopausal

After uterine resection, it will inevitably affect endocrine, and most of the menopausal periods are mostly due to endocrine disorders, so removal of uterus can easily cause menopausal advances. In addition, endocrine disorders can also lead to women’s skin aging.


Third, the uterus is eliminated, can I still have a room?

Many people are worried that women will become masculine or unable to sex after the uterus is removed. In fact, uterine resection does not affect the second feature of women and the same room. The second characteristic of women is mainly related to estrogen secreted by the ovaries. As long as the ovary is complete after removal, it will not affect the second characteristics of women.

Normal sexual reactions are also related to estrogen. As long as the ovarian secretes estrogen is normal, normal reactions such as secretion of mucus and orgasm can occur. The vagina is the main part of sexual life. Uterine resection generally only removes the uterus and then from the inside. The sewing is closed and the vagina is closed. The length of the vagina will not be shortened. Even if the vagina lengths are shortened, there is a large stretch and strong elastic wrinkles in it. As long as the vagina is not damaged, the normal piston movement can still be guaranteed.

Overall, uterine resection basically does not affect normal sexual life. The uterine resection is not terrible. The key is to treat scientific. Female compatriots usually take good care of the uterus, and timely treat them in a timely manner.


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