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What is the liver cyst?What is the cause of liver cyst?

What is the liver cyst?Liver cysts are a common liver disease. The onset of liver cysts has a certain relationship with congenital factors and acquired infections. So what are the common causes of liver cysts?

What is the liver cyst?What is the cause of liver cyst?

What is the liver cyst?Why do you have liver cysts?

1. Congenital liver cyst

Congenital liver cysts are relatively common liver cysts. Congenital liver cysts are generally due to fetal stages, intrahepatic bile ducts and lymphadenopathy development, or bile tubeitis in the fetal stage.The near -end is expanding, and local hyperplasia blocks cause congenital liver cysts.

2. Removing liver cyst

The retention liver cyst is an acquired disease. The incidence of retention liver cysts is mainly due to the symptoms of inflammation, edema, stones and other symptoms of the bile duct. The bile secretion increases. Over time, bile retention will cause liver cysts.The retention liver cysts are mostly single, the cysts are full of blood or bile, and the outer layer has a fibrous tissue film.Bile duct inflammation or stones obstructive liver cysts will occur in the shape of the bile duct cystore. The content of the cyst is bile, also known as the bile retention cyst.

3. Parasitic cysts

Parasitic liver cysts are also common liver cysts. The onset of parasitic liver cysts is related to eating habits.Parasitic liver cysts are mainly caused by the ovulation of the spiny globe. When the insect eggs enter the human body, they will hatch larvae in the intestine, and then enter the liver through the blood and develop into a adult. At this time, the liver will form a adultA “nest”, this “nest” is called liver wrap cyst.

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