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What is the liver palm?What are the causes of liver palms?

What is the liver palm? Many people have heard of the word liver palm, but many people do not know much about liver palms. What are the characteristics of liver palms? How is the liver palm formed? What kind of complications will appear on the liver palm? Let’s take a look at it together!

Know the liver

1. What is the liver palm?

The common manifestations of liver palms are as follows: Pink spots on the palm of the patient, the pressure of the pressure will be reduced, and the original will be restored after relaxation. Most of the spots appear in large, small fish, and the palm of the finger, the base of the finger. Among the patients with cirrhosis, most people will have liver palms. Some patients not only have the palm of the palm of the palm, but also the liver palm performance.

2. How is the liver palm formed?

In addition to the metabolic organs, the liver also plays a regulating role in human hormones, especially the metabolism of estrogen must be performed through the liver. If the function of the liver decreases, the metabolism of estrogen will also cause obstacles, and it is easy to accumulate in the body, which will stimulate the congestion and expansion of the capillaries, and the liver palm will form after a long time.

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3. What are the complications of the liver palm?

Decreased liver function will cause estrogen to accumulate in the body. In addition to the liver palm, women will also have menstrual disorders, and men are symptoms such as testicular atrophy or breast development. If the course lasts for a long time, it may also cause increased skin cell melanin and liver dark face.

Special reminder: Although most of patients with liver cirrhosis are accompanied by the symptoms of liver palm, the symptoms of liver palm may not necessarily indicate liver cirrhosis, arthritis, malnutrition, and malignant tumors may also have symptoms of liver palm. Check the combination of judgment.

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