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What is the most annoying voice of humans?These 5 kinds of listening to make people goosebumps, and they are uncomfortable

What are the uncomfortable voices in life?

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Seeing this problem, many people finally remembered the fear of governing the sound of the nail scraping blackboard.

“Seeing the words” Nails Black Board “, and then imagining that voice, I immediately trembled.”

“The most afraid of rubbing the sound of the glass with a foam block, just thinking about it, it’s cold, and goose bumps.”

“I can’t stand the sound of the iron pupa on the cement floor.”

These sounds have a common feature, that is, very sharp and harsh, which makes people want to block them. So the question is, why do we feel uncomfortable and even crazy when we hear these sounds?

1. Brain: Don’t let me feel this pain!

In order to explore this phenomenon that all humans are “creepy”, British researchers recruited 13 volunteers and played 74 different audio sounds. On the one hand, they gave them “nice” or “” nice “or” The evaluation of unpleasant “, on the other hand, scanned volunteers with magnetic resonance to scan the activity of the brain when hearing different sounds.

It was found that the more unpleasant sounds, the more the parts of the almond body were brighter when the magnetic resonance was scanned, which means that the higher the dislike of the brain to the sound. After analyzing the data, the researchers concluded that the sound of human beings at 2000Hz-5000Hz is the most sensitive and disgusting.

Researchers published a report on the Journal of Neuroscience that human beings felt harshly and bored about the sound of nail scraping blackboard and the sound of babies crying because the audio of these two sounds was aged 2000Hz- Between 5000Hz. Under normal circumstances, the sound audio that human ear can recognize is between 20Hz-20000Hz, that is, listening sounds. The sound and audio we usually speak is about 80Hz-2060Hz.

A study by Professor Ole found that during the continuous evolutionary process, the shape of the ear canal is constantly changing. For some audio related to communication and survival, it will amplify and cause the brain to be unbearable. Therefore Pain information reminds people to be vigilant.

Second, why did you hear these sounds very irritable?

In addition to the sound of the nail scraping blackboard, there are still many sounds. When humans listen to it, they will get upon goosebumps and feel very irritable.

Goose bumps are a state of human muscles. In the human skin structure, the diaphragm muscle is closely related to the hair follicles, and the luminous muscle is controlled by the sympathetic nerve. When it is stimulated by the outside world Chicken skin. Cold is the most common factor that leads to goosebumps.

As the outside world stimulates, goosebumps will soon disappear. Experts believe that goosebumps are one of the basic abilities of animal stress. A long time ago, the hair on human beings had not degraded. When encountering danger, in order to protect themselves, it would “fried hair” like other animals to make themselves look powerful. Later, the hair of human beings degenerate, but the hair muscles are still there, because the stress reaction still exists, but it will not “fry the hair” again when it is stimulated, but it appears as goosebumps.

As mentioned above, British researchers discovered that humans hate high -frequency sharp sounds because of the almonds in the brain. Almond body is a subcortical center of the brain edge system. The main function is to regulate internal organs and produce emotions. Researchers believe that almonds are a structure that is relatively similar to animals in the process of evolution and is a nerve center established by fear of memory.

When the brain reacts with various anxiety, tension, irritability, anger, almonds will act as the role of the commander and direct the body to respond.

Some scholars believe that in nature, when the orangutan finds danger, it will emit a sharp sound similar to the nail -shaped blackboard, reminding the companions to come soon. This sound is the memory of anxiety, fear, and anger, and is a congenital condition reflection formed in long -term evolution. Therefore, when human beings have evolved to this day, when they hear high -frequency sharp sounds, they will also have uncomfortable reactions such as uncomfortable, annoying, and irritability.

Of course, in the investigation of the “Human Relieving Voice”, the sound of the nail scraping blackboard can only be ranked fifth. The top four are the sound of the knife scraping glass bottle, the sound of the fork scraping glass, the sound of the chalk scraper, the ruler scraping glass The sound of the bottle.

These five sounds are sharp and harsh. Which one is the most unbearable?

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