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What is the penile cancer?Understand these 3 points, you understand all

“No one knows how I spent the past three years. Can you imagine the feeling of cauliflower growing cauliflower on the Ruyi golden hoop? Can you experience the life where the monk is unprepared for 3 years? Can you feel the cauliflower?After being cut off, is the pain and despair repeatedly emerging like leeks? “A 36 -year -old penile patient cried.

1. The lump in the foreskin is a warning to me

Earlier, I always felt that men should use their fun to look at this flower world before the age of 40.I have little pressure on my own life. I do n’t have to be squeezed by the migrant worker 996 every day like most peers.

This is not the point. The point is that I have a lot of time every day, and I can enjoy and play with women who can enjoy and play all kinds of colors.Yes, my private life is very chaotic. Once for a while, I changed at least four companions a week.

What is the penile cancer?Understand these 3 points, you understand all

You have to ask me where I have a lot of energy. I don’t know it myself. Anyway, I like it. Maybe other men also like it, but I have the ability to turn this like this like a reality.But other men don’t know that the love that becomes realistic eventually brought me a fatal risk.

It should be the spring three years ago. I forgot the specific time. I suddenly found that my “little brother” had a small pustule.thing.

There are about three weeks. The pustules not only disappeared, but some pimples appeared on it, and there were signs of ulcers. The feeling of tingling and burning pain also appeared.At that time, I didn’t know. In the next days, I had to pay for my previous madness.

At first I thought it was a sexually transmitted disease, but the health doctor suggested that I go to the hospital for a detailed examination.After the active tissue testing, the result came out soon. I couldn’t believe it when I killed it. I actually suffered from penile cancer.

But for doctors, there is nothing more than a cancer patient in the world.In the eyes of doctors, young patients like him are still rare.The incidence of penile cancer is relatively high, and the foreskin of patients with early onset will be thickened. This situation is often easy to be ignored.

With the further development of the disease, pimples, warts, cauliflower plaques, etc. will appear at the glans, which will be accompanied by ulcers and erosion. In addition to pain, there will also be purulent foul secretions.Touching the penis during the examination can feel that there are nodules or lumps inside.


What is the penile cancer?Understand these 3 points, you understand all

2. In order to “sex” in the future, I can only endure love

Patients like him, if they are cured, it is best to remove the lesion site. In other words, the penis is removed.The size of the resection depends on the specific incidence and the lesion site.The onset of penile cancer is multi -faceted.

There are too many sexual partners:

Like the situation of this man, the frequent sexual life and the excessive sexual partners increase the risk of infection of sexually transmitted diseases.Among them, the infection of HPV is the infection of human papilloma virus, which is closely related to the incidence of penile cancer.In particular, HPV16 and type 18 viruses have great correlation with the occurrence of malignant tumors such as penile cancer and cervical cancer.

Substation or foreskin is too long:

The Jewish nation will do lesbian ring for newborns, and penile cancer will almost occur.For long foreskin or phimosis, the foreskin inside the foreskin can easily cause inflammatory infection, and long -term stimulation can induce penile cancer.

Studies have found that the foreskin itself has a strong carcinogenicity, and the horses’ foreskin is directly injected into the mouse into the mouse that can cause malignant tumors.Human foreskin is inoculated in the cervix of mice, which can cause mice to develop cervical cancer.

Therefore, the phimosis and foreskin are too long, which is the induction of penile cancer.Therefore, phimosis patients must do foreskin ring as soon as possible. Patients with too long foreskin can do foreskin ring cuts. If they do not want to do, cleaning the foreskin in daily life can also reduce risk.

Penile cancer belongs to squamous carcinoma. The routine and chemotherapy effect is not very good. The best way is surgery.If it is a full -cut surgery, the sexual function of the patient will inevitably be affected.

What is the penile cancer?Understand these 3 points, you understand all

After partial removal of penile cancer, Niu Xiaobing, chief physician of the Department of Urology, Huai’an First Hospital affiliated to Nanjing Medical University, said that in a survey of 25 penile cancer patients, 8 of them had moderate erectile dysfunction.In 6 months, three patients could not reach orgasm.

In terms of sexual desire, although 14 patients have a strong willingness to the same room, the sexual desire of five patients has decreased.In the same room satisfaction, seven patients can maintain the same frequency of the same room as before the operation, but the satisfaction of two patients has decreased significantly.

In terms of overall satisfaction, two patients were very dissatisfied.In terms of overall situation, the sexual function of patients after surgery has decreased significantly than before surgery.

Because penile cancer is a relatively rare malignant tumor disease, there are few sample data about research, so there are currently not many targeted treatment measures.In addition, most patients cannot stand to urinate after surgery, so in addition to sexual function influence, they will also have great psychological stimuli for men.

However, with the improvement of medical technology, patients can perform penile repair or penile reconstruction surgery after surgery, which may enable patients to recover the sexual ability.

Niu Xiaobing, the attending physician of the Department of Urology, Huai’an First Hospital affiliated to Nanjing Medical University, also said that appropriate preoperative education and postoperative management can help improve the postoperative functional function of patients with partial removal of the penis.Third, cleanliness, basically nothing to do

What is the penile cancer?Understand these 3 points, you understand all

I was punished by the deserved, and the following was incomplete.The best way to prevent this disease is to clean up and do not mess up like me.

In addition, for most men, daily sex should also do a good job of hygiene and care, and avoid cross spread and infection of sex viruses such as HPV.Reducing this risk can reduce the risk of cancer.

For patients with excessive phimosis and foreskin, cutting the foreskin is once and for all, and pay attention to personal hygiene in life.At the same time, the whole society should establish awareness of children and adolescents.

If there are diseases such as reproductive systems, do not take the medicine yourself because of face problems, and do not go to private clinics. You should go to a regular hospital for standardized diagnosis and treatment.

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