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What is the positive of cervical erosion HPV?

Cervical erosion HPV positive may be HPV in women’s body, long damage, high probability.

1. Explain that there is HPV in women’s body: Once the patient is diagnosed as positive, it means that the HPV virus has been carried in the body.It is possible that the patient’s body has not had abnormal symptoms, but patients should also pay attention to protecting measures during sex to prevent the sexual partners who are transmitted to him. There is no symptoms. It may be that the patient’s resistance is better and can better resist the virus., Let the virus occur for the time being.However, once the patient’s resistance decreases slightly, this disease may break out immediately.2. Damage for a long time: For cervical HPV -positive diseases, as long as the patient’s resistance is good enough, the general disease can guarantee that within three to five years, there will be no attack and no cancer. This positive time is relatively long.In this pathological time, patients can slowly improve by taking some drugs or paying attention to the rest of diet in life.Patients should eat more foods containing vitamins, and develop a good habit of going to bed early and getting up early every day, so as to ensure that the cervix will not be cancer.3. The probability of getting cancer is high: When the cervix HPV is positive, it is recommended to use an advanced TCT instrument for a confirmation test, and then see your positive symptoms, which course is to treat the cervix according to the course of the disease.Because as long as HPV is positive in clinical practice, the probability of cervical cancer is very high, as high as 70%, so patients should pay enough attention.

It is recommended to achieve a low -fat diet, and usually eat more foods such as lean meat, eggs, green vegetables, fruits.Ensure sufficient sleep, rest before 11 pm, and do not overwork, is the best way to maintain cervical erosion.In order to prevent the disease from worsening, spicy and irritating foods such as pepper, peppers, and liquor can easily lead to cervical erosion.Do some physical exercise in my spare time.Exercise can enhance your body’s resistance and help cervical erosion.Do not smoke and drink, smoking and drinking can easily cause cervical erosion.

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