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What is the probability that women with sexual life will be infected with HPV?This time the doctor no longer concealed

The 20 -year -old Su Su walked into the clinic, and it was difficult to say to the gynecologist. In the past 2 weeks, his lower body has always been itchy and a burning tingling sensation.There are some white nipple -shaped wart -like protrusions, which are a bit like cauliflower. It is these symptoms that cause Su Su’s physical discomfort.

The doctor told her that this was infected with HPV, which was mainly spread through sexual contact. Su Su immediately thought that when the same room, her boyfriend did not wear a condom several times. With the doctor’s advice, Su Su’s boyfriend also had a related examination.The result shows that he is indeed a patient with HPV infection. After learning about it, Su Su felt the whole person collapsed …



1. Is it infected with HPV, just don’t love yourself?

In the cognition of many people, infection with HPV must be caused by sexual life chaos, so they always wear colored glasses to treat HPV infections.In fact, there are not a few cases like Su Su being infected by the other half, and these infected people are actually “victims.”

HPV virus has a strong spread, and sexual contact is an important way to spread HPV virus. Therefore, HPV communication and sexual life are inseparable.Studies have shown that 70%of the groups have HPV viruses, especially most female infections, especially in the first three years after the first life.

Generally speaking, when the genital skin or mucosa of the infected person contains HPV viruses, it is possible to spread to sexual partners through sexual life.Therefore, paying attention to hygiene in sexual life and taking good protection measures are of great significance to reducing HPV infection.

In addition, the infection of HPV mainly has the following 6 ways:

Sexual life spread: The main way for HPV virus infection is the spread of sexual life, and this kind of infectiousness is also relatively strong.

Skin contact: In addition to sexual contact, when the infected person has HPV virus on the skin, there is a condition to contact the infected person, and may also infect HPV.

Indirect contact: HPV virus will also spread through the infected people’s clothing, daily necessities, etc. Therefore, if there is such indirect contact, the HPV virus may also be spread.

Medical derived infection: If the medical device that is exposed or used during nursing treatment is not completely disinfected, it is likely to be infected through medical staff or itself.

Maternal and baby spread: Due to the strong spread of HPV virus, babies may also be infected with HPV through childbirth to contact the mother’s birth canal.

Smoking infection: Studies have found that the smoke produced during laser treatment HPV virus, which also implies that smoke containing HPV viruses may spread the virus.

2. Is there any infection with HPV, mainly depending on these 3 points

1. contact bleeding

After women infected with HPV viruses, they can easily lead to lesions in the cervix. After sexual life, it is easy to have contact bleeding, that is, the symptoms of bleeding from the vagina.

In addition, some women infected will have symptoms of extension of menstrual cycle, and some women may have menstruation again after menopause after being infected.

2. Abnormal exudation solution

After the HPV virus is infected, there may be some purulent secretions in women’s vagina, and there are abnormal leucorrhea, and even accompanied by stench.Therefore, if an abnormal exudate is found, you need to be vigilant and go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

3. Infuse and transfer

After a woman infected with the HPV virus, a series of lesions will appear in the cervix. Because the cervix is in a state of lesions for a long time, the symptoms of infiltrating and metastasis with the development of the disease will occur.

However, some women may not have symptoms of lesions after HPV infected. Therefore, it is best to check regularly for high -risk people.

Third, these 3 kinds of people are best to check HPV regularly

Smoking women: Due to smoking, women’s immunity decreases, so women with smoking habits are more likely to infect HPV.

Women of multiple personalized partners: One of the most important ways for HPV’s spread is sexual life. Therefore, women with multiple personalized partners are more likely to infect HPV.

Women with a family history of cervical cancer: Women who have patients with cervical cancer in the family are also more likely to become the object of infection of HPV virus. Therefore, such women should also be checked regularly.

Of course, infected HPV does not necessarily have to have cervical cancer, but data shows that 99.7%of cervical cancer is infected by HPV virus.In fact, infection with HPV virus not only leads to cervical cancer, but also may induce cancer and vulvar cancer.

In addition, if HPV is not treated in time, it may cause a variety of complications, such as condyloma acuminatum, cervicitis, etc.Therefore, preventing HPV must do a good job of screening, and women with sexual life are best to conduct TCT examinations once a year.

Preventing HPV also needs to avoid multiple personality partners. In the process of sex, it is best to wear condoms throughout the process.In short, don’t think that the HPV virus is far away from yourself, take protection measures in daily life to reduce the risk of infection.

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