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What is the reason for a summary on the neck

There are nodules on the neck that are caused by thyroid nodules, lymph nodes, scabies, body tumors, and lymph node metastatic tumors.

1. Thyroid nodules: The cause is not clear, and it is mostly related to factors such as iodine deficiency, genetic, and contact with radiation.Patients often show the front nodule and foreign body sensation.2. lymph node tuberculosis: It is mainly caused by tuberculosis lymph nodes and is a infectious disease.Patients are mainly lymphadenopathy, and the patient’s neck on the right or sides of the patient has a variety of nodules. There is pain when pressing.3, scabies: also known as cricket, mainly caused by bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Epidermi, and E. coli.Disposa mostly occurs on the neck, face, etc., and can appear on the patient’s neck and skin, with small hardships.4. Bodymop mass: The common sebaceous gland cysts are caused by sebaceous glands. Patients will have neck nodules. Generally there are no pain, but if infection occurs, redness and pain will occur.5. Lymph node metastatic: If lymph node metastasis occurs, or a blood system disease, such as lymphoma, or thyroid nodules, may also be manifested as neck nodules, but it is relatively rare.Nodules are limited substantial lesions that can be triggered, round or oval -like, and are mostly located in leather or subcutaneous tissue, which can be divided into benign and malignant.The benign nodules are usually relatively complete in the envelope, tough texture, and smooth boundaries.For example, common benign breast nodules, the most common benign breast nodules are benign breast fibroma.After this benign nodule, after surgical resection, the surface of the nodule will be fully wrapped.Compared with benign nodules, the malignant nodules are usually unclear, irregular in shape, and infringe on the surrounding subcutaneous tissue.The vicious nodules grow rapidly, the blood supply is abundant, and it is extremely harmful to the human body.For example, breast malignant nodules, also known as breast cancer, are typical malignant nodules.

It is recommended that patients pay attention to avoid greasy, spicy and cold foods, such as fried chicken, pepper, pepper, ice cream, etc., so as not to aggravate the stimulation of the body and affect the recovery of the body.Some patients should also actively quit smoking and alcohol, because the patient’s immunity is low, and it is easily stimulated by the ingredients in the tobacco and alcohol, which further aggravates the disease and even affects the effect of drug treatment.

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