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What is the situation of black sputum, yellow sputum, and white sputum?Internal medicine doctors take you to find out

I don’t know if you have done something that you are ashamed of yourself. When you do n’t have paper towels or plastic bags on your body, you just have sputum in your mouth. Will you swallow it?Sister Na first showed her cards. I really did it (I ca n’t let me spit anywhere …).

Some people think that the coughing sputum carries a lot of bacteria. Isn’t this poisoning yourself?How disgusting!I agree with this nausea, but the effect of swallowing sputum on the body is really careful.

1. What impact does swallowing phlegm on the body?

Sputum is a secretion produced by the human respiratory tract. In a healthy state, sputum is thin and clear. The main ingredient water of sputum is salt and antibodies.Sputum can firmly adsorb the external bacteria, dust, and various harmful substances.

Therefore, if the body is healthy and the environment is clean, the composition of sputum itself is material in the body.In another case, if the environment is harsh, such as air pollution or large dust, then the sputum will adsorb the material of the outside world, and the composition of sputum is complicated at this time.

The last case is that the patient has respiratory tract or lung disease, so there will be harmful ingredients such as bacteria or viruses in sputum.

Whether sputum can swallow it, you need to look at the situation:

If a healthy group is not under the environment of pollution, most of the sputum at this time is the ingredients of the body itself. It may adsorb some microorganisms in the outside world, but it will not be high in itself.

At this time, swallowing sputum is generally not harmful.Because the human stomach is a strong acid environment, even if there are bacteria and microorganisms, most of them are difficult to survive in that environment.So in this case, the top of the swallowing sputum is mostly nauseous.

If the external environmental pollution is relatively severe, some pollutants have been adsorbed in the sputum. At this time, swallowing may bring these substances to the body.As for how much risk occurred, it is also necessary to analyze the specific situation.

However, if you have contagious diseases such as tuberculosis, because of the strong vitality of the tuberculosis, it is difficult for the gastric juice to kill it, swallow your sputum, and it is prone to re -infection. ThereforeSpit it into a sputum tank with disinfection liquid.

Interestingly, some scholars believe that as long as it is not infectious diseases, swallowing sputum is better for the body.Because this allows the body to expose microorganisms and diseases, which can improve the body’s resistance to the source of infection and allergens.

Second, these three sputums appear, don’t take it lightly

The type of sputum can often indicate the physical condition. Of course, the external environment also has a certain impact on the formation of sputum.

Yellow sputum, yellow -green sputum: often the manifestation of respiratory inflammation infection, such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, pyroid inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Red or tan sputum: This is the manifestation of blood sputum, indicating that patients may have diseases such as lung cancer, tuberculosis, and bronchial expansion. They need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Black sputum: patients with long -term smoking will have the phenomenon of vomiting black sputum or gray sputum.In addition, if a large amount of dust or other pollutants are inhaled, sputum will also cause black.

The normal sputum color is white. If other colors appear, this is to be identified according to other symptoms of the body. If it is caused by the disease, medical treatment is needed.

Third, there is sputum in the throat, what should I do?

People cough every day, and they seem to be a trivial matter, but sometimes they are dead.In 2014, an eight -year -old child died suddenly because of a sputum.Usually, pay attention to the training of sputum.

Learn to breathe deeply, inhale your nose, breathe in the mouth, and exercise more to help strengthen the cilia of the tracheal epithelium, which is conducive to discharge sputum.

Learn to blow his breath, take a deep breath, then blow out a breath, take another breath, and take a sigh of breath more vigorously.Repeated exercises daily for 1-2 minutes can enhance the sputum discharge capacity of the respiratory tract.

When coughing, you can lean your body forward and your head slightly down, which is conducive to coughing the sputum.At the same time, drink plenty of water in daily life to ensure that the mucosa of the respiratory tract is moist, which is conducive to diluting sputum.

In addition, in life, avoid eating sweets and old meat, because sweets and meat foods are prone to sputum and sputum, causing phlegm in the body to condense.At the same time, no matter what kind of occasion, do n’t bear to spit if you have sputum. You can spit it into the paper towel and throw it into the trash can. Skin sputum will cause the lung pressure to rise suddenly and affect the health of the lung tissue.

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