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What is the stinky vagina?


The vagina is smelly that the vagina tastes, and the vagina tastes due to the taste of the secretions in the vagina. Lands in the vagina during the fertility of women. Generally speaking, it is an abnormal situation. It may be that there are problems in the women’s reproductive system. The following introduces what is smelly vagina.

The vagina is stinky, what’s going on

The vagina is stinky. It may be a white band of vaginal secretion. Some vaginitis can cause the leucorrhea to appear fishy. This is caused by the influence of vaginal hemorrhabery. Itching, pain, and vulvar humidity of the vagina.

The vaginal odor may also be the smell of the vaginal endocrine leucorrhea. This situation is often caused by some anaerobic germs and trichomonas infections. Infection of these germs often causes vaginal inflammation.

The vaginal odor may also be vulnerable. This situation is often caused by the tumor, cervical erosion or endometritis of the reproductive system. It is likely to be a symptom of malignant tumors.

How to deal with vaginal odor

The vaginal odor is an abnormal situation, so once this kind of problem occurs, you must actively seek medical examination and diagnosis, and take the necessary treatment measures with the help of a doctor. At the same time Eliminate vaginal odor.

In addition to taking the necessary drug treatment, women also need to pay attention not to wear tight pants in life. It is best to choose cotton pants. It is better to wear those nylon underwear. Usually the underwear must be replaced. To use sanitary pads, it is best to clean your pussy every night. At the same time, actively exercise, enhance your physique, ensure sufficient sleep, eat more nutritious foods, regulate your emotions, etc. are very important.

What is the stinky vagina? Through the above, it can be known that the vagina is stinky and must be a problem with the reproductive system. Which problem needs to be diagnosed in time.

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