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What is the vaccination rate of China’s new crown vaccine

What is the vaccination rate of China’s new crown vaccine?Many people want to know this problem. New crown generally refers to the new coronary virus pneumonia. The new coronary vaccine generally refers to the new coronary virus vaccine. Everyone knows that there are many benefits to vaccination of new crown vaccines.Diseases and so on.Therefore, my country advocates that the general public must vaccinate, but due to special factors, some people cannot vaccinate. What is the vaccination rate of China’s new crown vaccine?Let’s take a look at the introduction below.

What is the vaccination rate of China’s new crown vaccine

According to relevant data, as of now, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have reported a total of 92.1%of the first dose of the new crown vaccine, 89.7%of the full vaccination rate, and the strengthening rate of immune vaccination was 71.7%.EssenceIn terms of vaccination for the elderly, at least one dose of vaccination at least 1 dose of vaccination in my country is 89.6%, the entire vaccination rate is 84.7%, and the immunization vaccination rate is 67.3%.Regardless of domestic or overseas data, because the elderly have a lot of basic diseases, once the new coronal virus is infected, whether it is an early poison or the popular Omikon mutant strains, the risk of severe illnesses and death is high.The elderly are also different from young people, and the immune function is relatively weak. It requires inoculation to enhance the needle to obtain the best protection effect.

The benefits of vaccination in China’s new crown vaccine:

1. Prevention of new coronary virus infection: The new coronary virus has a strong infectiousness. After vaccination, the machine can produce antibodies after vaccination, which can prevent new coronary virus infections and avoid large -scale virus transmission.

2. Enhance immunity: Because antibodies can be produced after vaccination, the immunity is obtained from the new coronal virus, and it can enhance the body’s disease resistance.If patients have symptoms of fever, they are recommended to go to the rib clinics in time.

3. Avoid severe disease: If the patient accidentally infects the new coronary virus, due to the vaccination in the body, the corresponding antibody will be produced to reduce the patient’s symptoms and avoid the disease of the disease.

What is the vaccination rate of China’s new crown vaccine?The above is a detailed introduction to this issue. It is recommended that people who are suitable for vaccination for new crown vaccines to take vaccination in time. Before vaccination, the basic situation of the doctor’s history and medication history are truthfully informed.After the new crown vaccine is vaccinated, the local vaccination site should be avoided, because once the water is dipped in water, it may cause itching, redness, and even pus in infection.

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