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What is the way to do if the bronchial dry cough?

Bronchitis is not a fatal disease, but the symptoms of some columns such as cough caused by bronchitis will cause patients to suffer abnormally. At least the normal order of life is disrupted, especially the cough that cannot be suppressed at night will seriously affect the patient’s sleep. Quality, which affects the normal life of patients. This unsatisfactory nature is fortunate, but it is extremely distressed. So what should I do if I have bronchitis? What should I do if I face endless bronchial dry cough? Can this disease prevent it? The following is a detailed explanation for everyone.

Patients with bronchitis Patients pay attention to:

It is difficult to doctors for a long time. At the same time, due to the long course of the patients with bronchitis, the disease of the disease seriously consumes the essence of the human body. The spleen, lung, and kidneys are insufficient under the long -term consumption. The invasion of invasion, so there is no power to fight for cold food. If you eat cold food, the trachea of ​​bronchitis patients will have spasm symptoms and aggravate cough.


1. Quit smoking. The important part of the bronchial and the respiratory tract, the oil fume in the inhaled kitchen will cause it to stimulate it, not to mention the severe stimulation of the repetitive breath of the respiratory tract during smoking. In addition, more irritating ingredients in tobacco will affect the worsening of cough and bronchitis.

2. Promote sputum. The sputum staying in the trachea will aggravate the inflammation of the respiratory tract. Therefore, do not blindly use town cough medicines when patients have sputum. It is recommended that expectorant expectations in the primary task, especially weak and unable to actively sputum.

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3. Maintain a good family environmental hygiene. As for the respiratory system, if the gas containing irritating gas in the surrounding environment will also pose a great threat to its health. When the lesions are weakly resistant to stimuli, try to avoid the interference of these environmental factors. The indoor air keeps circulation, clean, and the humidity is appropriate.

4. Appropriate physical exercise. Enhance physical fitness, enhance immunity, and prevent the invasion of the source.

Reduce the environmental factors that stimulate cough, usually eat some fruits and vegetables that are conducive to bronchies, etc., and it will be greatly helpful to prevent and treat bronchitis. I hope not to underestimate these small details

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