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What items do women ’s medical examinations include

Both men or women, it is best to do regular medical examinations, especially for women, we all say that women are made of water. It can be seen that women’s bodies are relatively worse The physical examination is used to ensure their own health. Of course, there are many items during the medical examination. So what items do women ’s medical examinations include?

What items do women ’s medical examinations include

There are many medical examination items for men and women in clinical in terms of clinical terms. For women’s medical examinations, the examination items have a breast examination. This examination can be found in time for the disease of the breast, especially for malignant tumor diseases. For example, breast cancer, this disease will cause great harm to women’s health, which can help everyone achieve early treatment and early treatment. It can also be checked for breast hyperplasia. Breast hyperplasia can be self -examination to a certain extent. But if the method of self -detection is incorrect, it is also difficult to find.

Women’s medical examination items also have gynecological examinations, which are mainly examination of gynecological inflammation. Check the vulva parts with diseases such as inflammation, condyloma acuminatum or tumor. The problem, for vaginitis disease, is the most common clinical aspect of gynecological diseases. The incidence is extremely high, and vaginitis disease needs to be checked in leucorrhea. If there is a slight yellow or green pus The liquid, bloody leucorrhea or rice -like leucorrhea, if there is a smell or other odors, you must be vigilant and go to a regular hospital for related examinations and treatment in time. These situations are abnormal. They are all reminding us that there are problems with health.

It also needs to be checked in ovarian parts to check the tumor. No matter what age, ovarian cancer may occur, and the mortality caused by this disease is also very large. In the early days, there will be no symptoms. When people find it, it is generally late, so it is very important to do regular inspections.

What projects do women’s medical examinations include? For different diseases, different items need to be checked for different diseases, but when people do not get sick, they actually need to be regularly conducted on a regular basis, which is conducive to the principle of early treatment and early treatment. There are many. In the above introductions, the breasts, gynecology, and ovarian examinations are introduced, hoping to help everyone.

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