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What items need to be done for female medical examinations

Many female friends know that if they want to have a good gynecological health, they should often check the health status of various organ organisms. Doing it once or twice a year is the basis for ensuring that women’s health. I do n’t know what projects women need to do, and they are worried that the hospital will open some useless inspection items in order to collect money and charges. So today, I will take you to understand which items need to do with medical examinations?

The main test that needs to be done during medical examinations is blood routine and urine routine examination, because these examination items can determine whether a person’s blood lipid blood sugar and liver and kidney function are normal. Cervical examination, cervical examination is to screen for patients with the chance of cervical cancer. Through such screening, cervical cancer can kill the bud state, which can greatly reduce the chance of women suffering from cervical cancer.

Women’s physical examination also needs to do breast examination. At the beginning of the breast examination, you can see if there are nodules and lumps. If you have any, you need to do a breast image examination. If there are tumors, early treatment can prevent tumor cancer, and breast disease will be treated at the early stage of the disease, and the chance of cure will be relatively high.

The uterus and ovarian can be checked through ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic examinations can be seen in the health state of women’s uterus, ovaries, and cervix. The location and size can be checked accurately.

After reading the introduction above, I believe everyone knows what projects do women need to do? I hope that all female friends can have a correct understanding of the medical examination items they should do. During the examination, it is mainly based on the patient’s initial examination results to determine whether to do further in -depth examinations. The best medical examination is at least the lowest per year a year Two times, if there is a discovery of gynecological diseases but the probability of evil changes is not high, you can review it every other month to a quarter.

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