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What kind of dish can reduce blood sugar

Now more and more people with hyperglycemia. A medical examination can find that many people have symptoms of hyperglycemia, but it is not that the blood sugar is high and we need to treat it. We often hear the doctor given such suggestions, “Your blood sugar It’s a bit high, you don’t need to take medicine for the time being, but pay attention to diet, eat more vegetables. ” But those vegetables are conducive to lowering blood sugar? What kind of dishes can I eat to reduce blood sugar?

Don’t want to “soar” blood sugar, you may wish to eat more of these vegetables

First of all, vegetables should be selected from non -starch vegetables. The potatoes we often eat contain more starch, which is not suitable for patients with high blood sugar. Generally, green leafy vegetables do not contain starch, or the amount of starch contains less than the price, which is suitable for high blood sugar with high blood sugar. Patients eat. These vegetables not only contain less starch, but also more fibers. After eating these fibers, people can play a role in stabilizing blood sugar. These foods include bean sprouts, asparagus, purple cabbage, broccoli, broccoli and so on.

Many patients can not eat steamed buns, noodles and other noodle staple foods after the blood sugar is high. And these foods also contain a lot of dietary fiber, which is better helping to stabilize blood sugar. However, it should be noted that the processing method of these foods should be the simplest boiled water. It should not be fried or eat these food barbecue products. It is recommended not to add sugar, salt and other condiments.

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People with high blood sugar can eat more peas and lentils. They are also the main sources of fiber, and they also provide valuable protein to help control blood sugar levels.

The above is a brief introduction to what dishes can be reduced. I hope to help relevant friends. In fact, high blood sugar is not necessarily caused by diet. It can also have some relationships such as insufficient exercise and obesity. Starting from two aspects of diet and exercise, physical exercise can better prevent and treat diabetes.

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