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What kind of medicine conditioning is not adjusted caused by endocrine disorders

Menstrual disorders caused by endocrine disorders are mainly related to estrogen and progesterone disorders.You can choose progesterone and estrogen to adjust, and you need good life and eating habits.

1. progesterone: Commonly used drugs include progesterone, dihydroxygroatone, methar hydroxyl hydroxyl progesterone, etc., which can help women normal menstruation.2. Estrogen: Commonly used drugs include pentaicate and estradiol.Contraceptives containing estrogen can also be used to treat menstrual disorders.

It is recommended that in daily life, we need to work regularly to avoid staying up late for a long time.Exercise properly and enhance your physique.Eating more nutrients should also be regularly nutritious. Eat more fruits and fruits can also cause endocrine disorders to cause irregular menstruation symptoms.

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