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What kind of medicine does a man can’t get up with impotence?

Men can eat drugs such as Westland, Dalafi, and Western Africa.You can also take Chinese patent medicines such as Shuiyang Capsules.

Men’s impotence can not be treated with drugs. Western medicines are more common, including Western Africa, Dallaf, and Western Africa.West is not a drug that can be effective in a short period of time. His Dala’s non -medicinal effect lasts for a long time and can reach about 36 hours.Men’s impotence can also be treated with Chinese medicine for assistance. It is commonly used for some drugs that nourish the kidney and yang, such as the liver Yiyang capsule.Dry liver Yiyang capsules have the effects of relieving liver relief, promoting blood circulation and nourishing and nourishing the kidneys. It is used to treat functional impotence and mild arteries caused by liver stagnation and kidney deficiency and liver stagnation and kidney deficiency and blood stasis.Limited or not strong, chest tightness and goodness, waist and knee soreness, etc.Dry liver Yiyang capsules are composed of drugs such as tamama, Bupleuria, Bee, Pyrano, Jiuxiagu, Purple Tips, Snake Beds, Cistanche, Schisi, Schisandra, and Cricket.Discover liver Yiyang capsules are used for functional impotence and mild artery blood supply insufficient impotence caused by liver stagnation and kidney deficiency and liver stagnation kidney deficiency and blood stasis syndrome.The adverse reactions of Shuyang Yiyang capsules are not clear.

Men’s impotence does not include functionality and a small amount of utensils. It is necessary to go to the hospital for vascular angiography, erectile function tests, and penile Doppler monitoring system to find out actively cooperating with the treatment.

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