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What kind of medicine is effective for pediatric mycoplasma pneumonia?

Pediatric mycoplasma pneumonia refers to respiratory diseases caused by pneumoniacum infections.The treatment methods of children’s mycoplasma pneumonia are antibiotic drugs and cough and expectorant drugs.

After the childciblycoplasma infection, the mycoplasma is induced by inducing immune damage to release toxic metabolites, causing lung damage and leading to the disease.The main manifestations are continuous symptoms such as continuous cough, fever, cold war, headache, sore throat, anorexia, sternum pain and other symptoms.The treatment methods of children’s mycoplasma pneumonia are: 1. Antibiotic drugs: erythromycin, erythromycin, pneumoniacchidae infection, you need to choose large -ring dectind antibiotics for treatment, the first choice of erythromycin.Erythromycin can effectively control the condition of pneumoniacum infection, and early medication can effectively shorten the condition.However, the gastrointestinal reaction caused by erythromycin is relatively strong, and be cautious when taking medicine.Achicycin, Achithromycin is a new generation of large -cycle endone antibiotics and can also be used to treat chlamydia infection of pneumonia.Azithromycin has less frequency and low side effects.If you use erythromycin to treat side effects, you can consider using Azithromycin to replace it.Ronacromycin, Ronamycin is also a new generation of macroexed antibiotics for the treatment of pneumonia.Mycoplasma infection also has a good effect.Compared with erythromycin, the side effects of Ronamycin are relatively small and can be used as replacement drugs.2. Cough and expectorant drugs: Aurbid oral liquid, pneumoniacin infections often cause cough and sputum symptoms.If you have a lot of sputum, it is not easy to cough, you can take the ampacre oral liquid for treatment.The drug can alleviate symptoms such as cough, phlegm adhesion, and sputum difficulty caused by various acute and chronic respiratory diseases.Compound licorice oral solution, cough and sputum caused by pneumoniacus infections, can also take compound licorice oral solution.This is a compound preparation, which is mainly used to treat upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, cough, and uncomfortable sputum caused by cold, which helps improve the condition of pneumonia.

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