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What kind of medicine is good for heart rate?

Heart rates can be used for more receptor blockers, including drugs such as Mitolol, Betholol, and Antolol for treatment.

You can also take non -dihydrogen pyridine calcium antagonists, including Dierzozo.In addition to the use of drugs for the treatment of heart rate, in addition to the symptomatic treatment of drugs, it is also necessary to find the reasons for the fast heartbeat.This includes physiological reasons and pathological causes.In physiological reasons, it is related to human nervousness, emotional excitement, and exercise.After adjustment and rest, the heartbeat can return to normal.The pathological factors can be seen in fever, anemia, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, hypertension, various fast arrhythmia, and heart failure.If the respiratory disease causes hypoxia in the patient’s body, the heartbeat can also be compensated.Treatment of primary diseases with fast heartbeat.Patients with coronary heart disease should improve heart blood supply, and patients with heart failure should treat heart failure.Heart rate refers to the number of heartbeats.The normal heart rate is 60-100 times/min, and the normal arrhythmia is sinus arrhythmia.Therefore, a normal person’s heartbeat 60-100 times/minute is a suitable sinus arrhythmia.Too slow or too fast is an abnormal range.Sometimes the heart rate is not a sinus state, so the heart rate is only the ventricular rate, and the sinus state describes the ventricular rate. However, because the beating of the atrium and the ventricle is the same, there is no particular emphasis on the ventricular rate.The ventricular flutter refers to the inconsistent heart rate of the atrium and the heart rate of the atrium, but it also refers to the heart rate of the atrium.If the heart rate of the atrium is inconsistent with the heart rate of the atrium, it refers to the heart rate of the atrium.

The main ways to prevent tachycardia include: first, avoid emotional excitement, avoid excessive work, avoid staying up late, avoid strenuous exercise, and avoid drinking strong tea and coffee.Second, to prevent tachycardia by controlling primary diseases.Patients with hypertension control blood pressure.Diabetic patients control blood glucose.Coronary heart disease and myocardial ischemia patients can resist platelet gathering, stabilize plaques, and improve myocardial blood supply.Patients with hyperthyroidism oral anti -nomatous gland drugs, reduce the body temperature of patients with fever, and control the infection of patients with severe pneumonia.

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