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What kind of medicine is good for menstruation disorders

Drugs that regulate menstruation include black chicken Baifeng Pills, Motherwort particles, deer fetal paste, and gelatin.What drugs are used for specific judgments.

1. Wuji Baifeng Pills: It is made of a variety of drugs such as Wuji, Ginseng, Astragalus, Danshen, Angelica, Baiji and other drugs. The curative effect of Wuji Baifeng Pills has a significant effect. At the same timeIn attracting people’s attention, it is a good way of conditioning for irregular menstruation, leakage, and dysmenorrhea.2. Motherwort granules: The main ingredients are motherwort. Motherwort granules have a regulatory effect on problems such as lack of menstrual flow and light quality.3. Deer fetal ointment: consisting of red ginseng, angelica, motherwort, raw land, salvia, fragrant, cinnamon, woody, red peony and other drugs. Deer fetal ointment is the legendary sacred prescription in the legendary female menstruation.4. Ejiao: It is mainly made of donkey skin, rock sugar, rice wine, soybean oil. It has performed well in regulating women’s menstruation and is also a good recipe since ancient times.

Women with irregular menstruation should not eat cold foods, otherwise they will increase the symptoms of irregular menstruation.

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