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What kind of medicine is there? Family medicine control table!9 common diseases, the right medicine is clear at a glance

Recently, the epidemic in the domestic cities has picked up and entered a state of epidemic prevention.

When the epidemic occurs, many people will work at home and reduce going out. Stocking some supplies will become the general trend, such as food and daily necessities. In addition to these, we occasionally have minor illnesses and small pain. At this time, it is more troublesome to go to the hospital. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for a standing medicine at home.

So, what kind of prescribed medicines should be placed in the small medicine box in the home? How to buy medicines in a pharmacy during the epidemic?

What kind of medicine is there? Family medicine control table!9 common diseases, the right medicine is clear at a glance

1. Family Standing Medicine List, please collect it!

Family standing medicines mainly include internal medication, external medicine, and special crowd drugs. It is mainly safety, convenience and practicality, alleviating common mild illness, or solving small trauma.

1. Cold medicine

Drug name: acetaminol, phenolic sensor tablets (suspension), ibuprofen tablets (mixed suspension), right Michafen, etc.

Colds are self -limited diseases. Generally, rest and drinking more water can heal themselves, but taking medicine can help relieve symptoms such as cough, runny nose, and whole body soreness. It should be noted that the ingredients of many cold medicines are similar. You should take only one medicine as much as possible. You can see the instructions before taking the medicine to avoid repeated medicines and induce adverse reactions.

In addition, families with children can prepare some children’s cold medicines, such as suspension/drops of acetaminol or ibuprofen. In addition, babies within 3 months are not recommended to use antipyretic colds, and children can use acetylphenol for more than 3 months, and children can use acetaminol or ibuprofen for more than 6 months.

2. Anti -allergic medicine

Drug name: decentor, chlorophenamin, Sidalizine, etc.

These are anti -allergic drugs, which are suitable for allergies caused by factors such as insect bite, food, environment and drugs.

In addition to tablets, anti -allergic drugs also have syrup or drops taken by children. When using this type of drug, you need to pay attention to side effects, especially the chlorine phenyamin in Malay acid. Essence

What kind of medicine is there? Family medicine control table!9 common diseases, the right medicine is clear at a glance

3. Stomach medicine

Drug name: magnesium carbonate, omeprazole, labeboprazole, chippoprazole, Escelprazole, Moshili, polymethyst tablets, dietary tablets, etc.

Gastric drugs can relieve discomfort such as abdominal distension, abdominal pain, acid reflux, and mirror. It is divided into anti -acid or acidic drugs, gastric dynamic agents, digestive drugs and gastric mucosa protective agents.

Anticate -reduce gastric acidity and gastricase activity, neutralization of gastric acid, common drugs include sodium bicarbonate, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum magnesium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, etc.

Acid suppression -suppress gastric acid secretion, has a long role and fewer side effects. Common drugs include omeprazole, labeboprazole, acestooprazole, Escelzole, Renitinin and so on.

Gastrointestinal dynamic agents -improve gastrointestinal tension, improve and reduce gastrointestinal dysfunction, and are suitable for symptoms such as qi, nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension, and abdominal pain. Common drugs include Mashabeli and Dippolone.

Gastric mucosal protective agent -prevent and treat gastric mucosal damage, suitable for gastritis, gastric ulcer and other gastric diseases. Common drugs include pectin, potassium citrate potassium, sulfurose and aluminum tablets, and magnesium carbonate tablets.

Promoting digestive drugs -promoting digestion, alleviating appetite loss, full stomach and abdomen, nausea and vomiting, and sorbing. Common drugs include polyase tablets, lactase raw, dry yeast tablets, and dietary tablets.

In response to the symptoms of gastric discomfort, drugs are just a means of alleviation. It is recommended to eat scientifically to avoid the incentives of the gastric disease. If the symptoms are not relieved or even worsen after taking the medicine, you should see the doctor as soon as possible.

4. Anti -heat -relieving analgesic drugs

Drug name: acetylphenol, ibuprofen, sodium diclphinate, etc.

Anti -fever analgesic drugs (non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs) can be used for cold antipyretic (recommended only above 38.5 ° C), or pain relief, including toothache, headache, joint pain, muscle pain, and dysmenorrhea.

It should be noted that people with a history of stomach disease and ulceration of gastrointestinal ulcers should be cautiously used with heat -relieving analgesic drugs. If the pain is significantly worse, or the symptoms of new pain, and the symptoms of continuous medication for 3 days have not been relieved, you should take a timely consultation.

What kind of medicine is there? Family medicine control table!9 common diseases, the right medicine is clear at a glance

5. Anti -laxative

Drug name: oral replenishment salt, monopoly, etc.

Diagnosis can cause electrolytes such as water, sodium and potassium too much in the body. Oral salt salts can prevent and correct dehydration. Montestabolis is a high -efficiency digestive mucosal protective agent. It is suitable for acute diarrhea, which can improve intestinal absorption and secretion function, repair and improve the defense capabilities of mucosal barriers, and prevent the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms.

However, there are many causes of diarrhea. Once you continue to be diarrhea for a long time, you may cause severe dehydration and even death. If you fail to alleviate after taking the medicine, it is best to go to the hospital to find out the cause.

6, constipation medicine

Drug name: lactose, Kaisalu, etc.

The lactose will not be absorbed by the human body, which helps stimulate bowel movements, promote defecation, and relieve constipation. It is also suitable for the elderly, maternal women, children and postoperative people. Cairo has a high seepage effect, which can soften the stool, stimulate the intestinal wall, and reflect the response to the defecation. However, constipation should not rely on drugs for a long time, it is recommended to start with changing diet and lifestyle.

7, external medicine

Drug name: 75%ethanol (alcohol), iodine, band -aid, sterilized medical cotton swab, gauze, bandage, etc.

75%ethanol (alcohol), iodophor, etc. can be used for skin disinfection. Among them, iodophor is less irritating, suitable for disinfection such as knife injury, abrasion and contusion. Sanitary materials such as band -aid, sterilized medical cotton swabs, gauze, bandages, etc. can be used for wound cleaning and bandaging.


What kind of medicine is there? Family medicine control table!9 common diseases, the right medicine is clear at a glance

Below, Xiao Jiu helped everyone sort out a “Family Standing Medicine Daquan”. Different symptoms correspond to different drugs. Suggestions for pure dry goods! 2. How to buy medicine during the epidemic?

What kind of medicine is there? Family medicine control table!9 common diseases, the right medicine is clear at a glance

During the epidemic, pharmacies in some places will ban cold medicines, painkillers, cough drugs, antivirals and antibiotics.

This is because the symptoms of new crown pneumonia are similar to colds and influenza. Patients often experience symptoms such as fever, cough, and limb soreness and weakness. It is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish the two. Moreover, the infectious power of the new coronary virus is strong, and the crowd is generally susceptible. If the infected people take drugs such as antipyretics and cold medicines, eliminate some typical symptoms, they may become the invisible transmitter of the new crown.

Therefore, it is understandable that pharmacies do not sell related drugs during the epidemic. If you have cold symptoms such as cough and fever, you should go to a nearby hot clinic in time to let professional doctors diagnose.

For places that can buy medicines, you must do the following 3 points when you go to the pharmacy to reduce the risk of infection:

What kind of medicine is there? Family medicine control table!9 common diseases, the right medicine is clear at a glance

1. Before entering the pharmacy, you should cooperate with the clerk to do a good job of preventing and control measures, including checking nucleic acid reports, health code, itinerary code, etc.;

2. Wear the mask correctly to maintain a safe social distance, not staying in the pharmacy for too long;

3. If you need to purchase “Catalog” drugs such as cough, fever, antiviral, antibiotics, etc., you should cooperate with the clerk to register and report real -name registration and information. The “Catalog” medicines in different cities are different. In some places, 24H or 48H nucleic acid negative reports need to be displayed. The specific requirements can be found on the local release platform.

For places where there is no epidemic, you can prepare some common medicines appropriately. For places with outbreaks, you must buy medicines or specifies the medicine in accordance with local regulations. When taking medicine, avoid random medication and increase the amount of medication without authorization.

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