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What kind of medicine to eat phlegm for children’s mycoplasma pneumonia

Pediatric mycoplasma pneumonia is generally recommended to take drugs such as lung cough or easy to be quiet.

Mycoplasma pneumonia is acute inflammation of the lungs caused by chlamydia in pneumonia, which is often accompanied by pharyngitis and bronchitis.Children with pneumonia have sputum symptoms during the onset, and can take lung cough or sputum, which can play a role in turning phlegm.You can also drink rock sugar and kumquat water, or boiling water with rock sugar and Sydney.Children with pneumonia should avoid irritating foods, stay away from smoke and prevent the symptoms from worsening.Pneumonia is caused by viruses and bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma, chlamydia and native animal infections.Only through detailed examination and diagnosis can we treat pneumonia disease targeted.

Try not to go to large public places with dense population and poor air.Frequently open windows and ventilation, keep the air smooth, and clean the indoor environment, so that children can rest normally.Keeping warmth while strengthening ventilation to avoid directly blowing the flow of the stream.Keep the children’s bed clean, scrub the child’s body regularly, change clothes, and wear loose clothes to reduce children’s breathing burden.Children should strengthen physical exercise, such as gymnastics, jogging and other outdoor sports to improve their ability to adapt to climate and environmental changes.Children should learn to cough correctly and effectively.If the child is too small or too weak to cough, you can press the trachea on the upper nest of the sternum to stimulate sputum, but parents should fully master these skills under the guidance of medical staff.Don’t stimulate at will to avoid adverse consequences such as child suffocation.Cover your mouth with handkerchiefs and paper when coughing, don’t spit.During the treatment process, keep eating less habits, eating light and digestible food, so that children eat fresh vegetables and fruits every day.Ensure the intake of protein and fat, drink plenty of water, and ensure that children have a comprehensive and balanced nutritional intake, and appropriate vitamin D should be appropriately supplemented if necessary.

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