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What kind of men are “no”?Three symptoms of impotence need to be paid attention to

A man, taboo is naturally said to be “no.” Impotence is a topic that every man is unwilling to talk. In fact, impotence as a male disease cannot be ignored. Male impotence means that they will become weak in the sexual life and it is difficult to revive the strong style. Speaking of the symptoms of impotence, many people may only understand one “short time”. In fact, in addition to “shortness”, there is still these symptoms of impotence. Please look at the context.

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What are the symptoms of impotence?

(1) Chen Bo appears abnormal

In fact, observing Chen Bo is an important criterion for judging the strength of sexual ability. Generally speaking, the number of Chen Bo and the hardness of Chen Bo will affect the sexual function of men. If men do not have excessive fatigue, they have a small number of morning erections and erection that make the penis weak, then it is likely that impotence is “engaged in ghosts”.

(2) Short sexual life time

Impotence is also known as a sexual dysfunction disease in clinical practice. Despite the intention of pursuing a happy gender life, impotence may also be a “obstacle” that is difficult to cross. Speaking of the symptoms of impotence, if men have erectile impairment and shortening time in sexual life, they may be caused by impotence.

(3) Sexual function is continuous abnormal

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In recent years, impotence has become a common high -incidence male disease. If the problem of impotence is not treated in a timely and effective treatment, it will make the condition more and more intense, and will eventually make sexual function abnormalities. Men’s “no” will affect the relationship between gender to a large extent, which undoubtedly causes a certain blow to psychology, and even causes the man to lose his interest in gender life.

The above is the relevant content of the symptoms of impotence. Obviously, there are more than one symptoms of impotence. As men, they will not be defined as impotence. Only when the body appears abnormal, can I be diagnosed with impotence.

Here we warned the majority of male friends that if the body appears related symptoms such as impotence, do not ignore it or not to treat it because of embarrassment. In fact, the sooner the body will recover more smoothly.


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