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What kind of sandals are the best for your baby in summer?

In the hot summer, we will all have a baby to prepare two pairs of sandals, which is convenient, breathable and cool. There are many types of sandals on the market. What problems should we pay attention to when we buy sandals for babies?

1. Bao toe -anti -injury

The younger children’s movements are not coordinated enough, and the visual inspection is also accurate, but they are very active and bouncing, which is easy to cause trauma. Demon shoes wearing dew, which greatly increases the possibility of foot injury. For example, children walk over because they don’t pay attention to stones, raised places, or other things on the ground. If they wear sandals with dew, they will break their toes; , Even the nails are lifted. Therefore, when parents buy sandals for their children, it is best to choose the style of covering their toes.

2. Later with the cup -slow down fatigue

For children who have not yet learned to walk, it is recommended to buy sandals with a rear heel cup, because the heels can increase the power of steps, and can effectively slow down the impact on the heels, balance the force of the feet, and effectively control it after it can be effectively controlled. Foot valgus and reduce foot fatigue.

3. Magic sticky -can adjust easily fixing

The baby is active, the shoes are easy to fall off, it is best to choose the instep to be fixed tightly, so that the feet will not slide around the shoes and hurt the toes or heels. In addition, most of the baby will not wear shoes by themselves, so The laces can be loosened tightly according to the size of the feet. It is more suitable for being worn and easy to wear and takes off.

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