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What kind of sperm is a “perfect sperm”?How should men protect sperm?

How the quality of men sperm directly affects the health of human beings. So, what is a perfect sperm? What are the conditions for excellent sperm? Let’s summarize below:

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1. Normal semen color. The color of the normal semen is milky white or gray white. If the color of the semen is yellow or there is a phenomenon of blood sperm, it indicates that there is infection or other diseases.

2. Normal semen. The amount of semen excreted by men at a time is between 3-5 ml. If it is less than 2 ml or more than 10 ml, it is not conducive to conception.

3. Sperm survival for a long time. Sperm can generally live for 3 days in the female reproductive tract. The longer the sperm survival time, the greater the chance of women’s conception.

4, the sperm is perfect. The shape of the sperm is similar to a small tadpole. If this “small tadpole” appears abnormal form such as big heads, small heads, no tails, and double tails, the lower the chance of fertility, the more the possibility of miscarriage, fetal development, and death of death will be. big.

5. Sperm DNA is complete. The integrity of the sperm DNA is very important. Once the DNA fragmentation index is high, it will affect conception. There are many factors that affect the sperm DNA fragmentation index, such as staying up late, smoking, alcoholism, and long -term exposure to high temperature and pollution environment.

Men: Protect your sperm

Nowadays, more and more people have non -sperm, younger sperm, and weak sperm disease, which are mainly related to factors such as industrial pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, genetic, and sexy glands infection. If you want to breed offspring and bred an excellent healthy baby, men need to take various measures to protect their sperm.

1. Preventing diseases that affect male fertility, such as sexual diseases, thyroid diseases, liver diseases, diabetes, etc., can cause male infertility.

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2. Studies have shown that men who work or live in the electronic environment for a long time will have abnormal testoscular cells. Men protect the mirror to avoid contact with radioactive substances, avoid high temperature places, environmental pollution places, etc.

3. Protect your testicles, don’t ride a bicycle for a long time, don’t sit for a long time, don’t take a hot bath, don’t wear tight jeans, etc., so as not to affect the local blood circulation of the testicles, cause venous blood to be able to return normally, affect sperm, affect sperm quality.

4. Men who smoke daily, sperm survival rate is lower than that of men without smoking. Smoking and drinking, routine, and maintaining your mood are the most effective measures to protect sperm.

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