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What medicine is used for the treatment of joint disease type psoriasis?

Psoriasis arthritis is a psoriasis -related inflammatory joint disease. It has psoriasis rash and accompanied by pain, swelling, tenderness, stiffness, and dysfunction of the joint and surrounding soft tissue. Some patients may have sacroiliac arthritis and (or) spinalitis, which are delayed and easy to relapse. In the late stages, you can do a joint rush. About 75%of patients appear before arthritis, at the same time, about 15%, and about 10%of patients who appear after arthritis. The disease can occur at any age. The peak age is 30 to 50 years old. There is no gender difference, but the spine is suffering from more men. Generally, the following drugs can be treated with the following drugs.


What medicine is used for the treatment of joint disease type psoriasis?

Slow effects to prevent wind and dampness prevent the destruction of the disease and delay the destruction of joint tissues.

①Traxate: both skin lesions and arthritis are effective and can be used as the preferred medicine. Orally, or muscle injection and still injection every week.

② willow nitroglyrine: Peripheral arthritis is more effective. Gradually increased from a small dose to reduce adverse reactions.

③ Lipidium Puritanine: both skin lesions and arthritis are effective.

④ Circinoplasma: It is effective for skin and joint psoriasis, but the United States requires that it should not be taken for more than one year, and the United Kingdom cannot exceed two years.

⑤ Laubamit: Evergrown compounds, have confirmed that immunosuppressive effects are more obvious than cycloidin. They are used in patients with medium and severe patients. Arthritis and skin lesions are effective.

Glucocorticoids are used for severe condition, and general drug treatment cannot be controlled.

Due to large adverse reactions, suddenly discontinuation can induce severe psoriasis types, and it is easy to relapse after discontinuation. Therefore, it is generally not selected or used for a long time. However, some scholars believe that small -dose glucocorticoids can relieve patients’ symptoms and serve as a bridge before the effect of slow anti -wind and dampness drugs.

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