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What medicine to take for chronic pelvic inflammatory disease

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease can generally take antibiotic drugs under the guidance of a doctor for treatment, which can help the condition recovery.When the condition is severe, surgery is also needed for treatment.

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is usually caused by the operation of uterine cavity, and it has a certain relationship with bad hygiene habits. For example, when sexual life is not used in condoms and sexual intercourse during menstruation.Generally, lower abdomen pain, increased secretions, and swelling in the lower abdomen. These diseases are not particularly serious. Under the guidance of a doctor, you can take antibiotic drugs for treatment, such as levofloxacin, cephalosporin, metinazole, etc., which can be effectiveControl the development of the disease and help the symptoms recover.Some people’s condition is more serious. The effect after taking medicine is not particularly ideal. It also needs to take surgical treatment in time.

During the treatment period, you need to extend good living habits, pay attention to a reasonable diet, you can eat more protein and vitamin foods, strengthen nutrition, can supplement the nutritional ingredients needed for the body, and improve autoimmune.

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