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What nutrition needs to be supplemented in one month of pregnancy

Women must do their own physical care after pregnancy, because the health of pregnant women will directly affect the growth and development of the fetus in the belly. Some women just want to supplement nutrition for them when they are pregnant. Knowing that eating those foods is more good for pregnant women and fetuses, let’s take you to understand what nutrition should be supplemented in one month of pregnancy?

One of the nutrition required for one month of pregnancy: Vitamin C

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is necessary to supplement vitamin C, because vitamin C can promote other nutrient absorption, and can also improve gastrointestinal function, which is very helpful to improve the body’s immunity. Because the supplement of vitamin C is not timely, there will be a condition that will fall into a cold, so eat more fruits and vegetables containing high vitamin C.

Nutrition of nutrition for one month of pregnancy: protein

Women must focus on protein after pregnancy, because the nutrients of protein are of great significance for the nerves and cell development of the fetus. They usually eat more eggs, and milk foods and soy products. The effect of supplementing protein, especially women with pregnancy vomiting in the early pregnancy, should also eat some egg foods appropriately, because these foods contain protein and also contain a variety of minerals, which can increase physical fitness and fetal bone growth in pregnant women. Very good.

Three of nutrition required for one month of pregnancy: calcium iron zinc zinc zinc

Women who have pregnant vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy must focus on not eating calcium iron and zinc. These nutrients can promote the development of the fetus’s bones, skin, and organs. Usually, animal liver, various nuts and lean meat contain these nutrients, so they usually usually do To ensure nutrition and absorption.

After reading the introduction above, I believe everyone knows what nutrition needs to be supplemented in one month of pregnancy? I hope that all friends can have a correct understanding of the nutritional ingredients that need to be consumed in the early pregnancy. What I want to remind everyone here is not to give pregnant women over excessive fatty meat, otherwise it will easily lead to worsening pregnancy reactions.

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