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What projects of liver cirrhosis examination

The cause of liver cirrhosis is that the treatment of various chronic hepatitis has not been treated in time after the occurrence of various chronic hepatitis, which is an important symptom of various hepatitis diseases. If it is not treated in time during the hepatitis period, you must pay attention after suffering from liver cirrhosis. Treatment must be treated in time to avoid the continued deterioration of the disease. To actively check and actively treat it during the period of liver cirrhosis, what projects do he liver hardening examination?

What projects of liver cirrhosis examination

1. First check the liver function: A fetal protein, croar transaminase, canopyaminase, etc., and understand the condition of patients with liver hardening through these examinations.

2. The B -ultrasound is to evaluate the degree of disease of liver sclerosis and the level of elevation of nail protein. B -ultrasound is an important way to confirm the liver malignant tumor.

3. The four pine cones of the liver fibrous fibrous fibrous fiber are mainly to disclose liver fibrosis early to avoid the development of liver fibrosis to cirrhosis. This is a preventive examination. The four tests of liver fiber mainly refer to: hyaluronic acid, III -type anterior collagen peptide, IV collagen, and laminar adhesive protein. If these detection values ​​exceed the standard, it means that liver fibrosis is changing to liver hardening.

4. The pathogenic examination is mainly to check the five hepatitis B items, and confirm whether there is a virus carried by checking the data.

For the above content of what projects are the above content, each inspection is not necessarily a single item. If there is any abnormal data, you need to further deepen the inspection. You can also consult the doctor directly. Understand the role of inspection projects to avoid suspicion of blind inspection.

When there are problems such as the rapid decline in weight, decreased appetite, nausea and vomiting in daily life, you must pay attention. No matter whether you have any other discomfort, you must conduct a whole body test first, which can at least prevent the occurrence of the disease. The symptoms of liver cirrhosis include these two. The occurrence of any disease starts with the symptoms of childhood, so these abnormal phenomena were found early and they were checked early. Essence

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